Stinger: too cool to be KIA?

Stinger: too cool to be KIA?


The liftback was marketed as the model a more unusual and emotional than the “average” KIA: it was assumed that Stinger these qualities will attract buyers, including brand-new for the brand.

However, the company did not materialize. The sale of “Stinger” was lower than expected: last year’s model lost approximately 18% of the audience, and it continues to decline. According to Korean Car Blog, in the first quarter of this year, the demand for the model fell by 21%, and in March fell immediately by 40% in comparison with March of 2019 (although his word said here and coronavirus: sales are down everywhere).


And, according to the sources, the KIA still has not made a final decision on whether the “Stinger” continuation or not (although the bosses of the company allegedly still leaning toward the latter). The global downturn in the automotive market may force the firm to abandon the model which is not popular to reduce production costs and not to invest in the development of a new generation. By the way, the rumors about the doubt settled in the minds of top managers KIA, went last year.

Meanwhile, a means to improve the situation, possibly, will be the planned restyling it, according to some, he conceived a very ambitious. The liftback is tipped not only significant changes in appearance and electronic components, and a modified 3.3-liter V6.

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