Stirling Moss vs 1955 Mille Miglia: 1000miles at 99mph

Stirling Moss vs 1955 Mille Miglia: 1000miles at 99mph


Earlier this year, the world lost one of the greatest racers of all time; Sir Stirling Moss. So in this week’s , Chris Harris remembers one of the most fearless gentlemen to ever put on overalls, with a film about Moss’ achievements in motorsport. In this segment, Stirling takes on the 1,000 mile ‘Mille Miglia’ race on Italy’s public roads.

Make sure you’re tuned in to this Sunday at 8pm on BBC One to watch the full film, including Chris Harris driving Stirling’s Monaco-winning Lotus 18.

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1955 the millimelia a thousand-mile non-stop charge around italy’s public roads it is mossy’s first opportunity to exact his revenge on enzo’s ungentlemanly conduct [Applause] one of the most dangerous races on the calendar held in ferrari’s own backyard it is considered all but impossible to win without local knowledge ferrari are heavy favorites but moss driving a beautiful mercedes 300 slr has a secret weapon well two secret weapons the first a fearless navigator in the form of eccentric motoring journalist dennis jenkinson [Music] the second was this moss called it the bog roll a detailed guide to every corner and every hazard on the thousand mile route basically prototype pace notes as moss drove like a madman jenkinson would scroll through this and translate the notes into hand signals for sterling to understand talk about trust to maintain the schedule of the millimeter cars travel at up to 180 miles an hour often on bad roads with additional hazards from crowds of spectators covering the thousand mile course in 10 hours and seven minutes moss doesn’t just beat the italians he obliterates them can you imagine driving the roads of italy for a thousand miles at an average speed of 99 miles an hour you you even if they close the roads today that would be somewhat challenging in the end moss finishes over half an hour ahead of the second place ferrari [Applause] it is the greatest feat of endurance driving in history a superhuman effort and after celebrating the win with his team he doesn’t turn in for a well-earned kip oh no he drives through the night across the alps to germany to meet a girl for lunch

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