STOP came up with underpants: Tesla recalls 54,000 electric cars

STOP came up with underpants: Tesla recalls 54,000 electric cars


Tesla will recall almost 54,000 Full Self-Driving (Beta) electric cars in the US. The autonomous driving system does not respond to the stop sign at intersections, causing the car to continue moving.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to Reuters.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the recall applies to select 2016-2022 Model S and Model X, Model 3 (2017-2022) and Model Y (2020-2022) .

The essence of the problem is that due to an error in the Full Self-Driving (FSD) autonomous driving system, an electric car on autopilot does not slow down at mandatory stop signs at intersections, but continues to move at a speed of 9.6 kilometers per hour – so called the “stop on the go” feature, which appeared on Teslas in October 2020.

NHTSA noted that federal law prohibits manufacturers from selling vehicles with defects that create safety risks, including the deliberate choice of an unsafe design. In turn, Tesla said that they are not aware of any claims, accidents or injuries related to this error in the autopilot. But they promised to quickly solve the problem by releasing a software update.

Tesla firmware 2021.44.30.15 will disable stop-and-go. The automaker told NHTSA that the update will be available for installation in early February 2022.

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Tesla recently announced that the number of Autopilot beta-branded electric vehicles in the United States had reached nearly 60,000, up from a few thousand at the end of September. At the same time, the automaker emphasizes that this system does not make the car completely autonomous and requires the driver to constantly monitor the situation.

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