Strange tuning: how BMW ruined Toyota (photo)

Strange tuning: how BMW ruined Toyota (photo)


Photos of a very strange rework of Toyota Yaris have been published on the Reddit portal. The unknown owner of the compact hatchback probably decided not to restrain his imagination: as a result, the Yaris gained an additional front end, an elongated rear bumper, as well as a few more controversial and unsafe parts. The cherry on top of the monstrous tuning project’s cake is the BMW nameplates crowning the real radiator grille and the fifth door.

At the front, Yaris added a second bumper, stuck on top of an imitation of an additional front end made of an unknown material with a chrome grille. The front glass is split in two by a black self-adhesive film, and a single “wiper” sticks out in the middle – almost like a Koenigsegg hypercar.

The wheels look at least unsafe: judging by the pictures, chrome pads of a smaller diameter were glued to the real rims.

The rear is framed to match the front: another bumper was attached to the car, and most of the rear and half of the side windows were covered with the same black film, leaving a tiny window for viewing.

In the summer, tuners from the Japanese studio Albermo tried to turn the Toyota Venza crossover into a Lamborghini Urus. Despite the fact that the attempt can hardly be called successful, the case was not limited to a single copy: the Japanese developed a tuning kit for 362,000 yen ($ 3,200 at the current exchange rate for July), designed to make any Venza look like an Italian off-road vehicle.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Toyota Yaris Cross from the FineAuto team:

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