Stretched Defender: why do you need it at all?

Stretched Defender: why do you need it at all?


Jaguar Land Rover has officially confirmed for the first time that it plans to add a new body version with index 130 to the range of modifications of the latest generation Defender L663 – it will be the longest in the family.

Recall that the Defender L663, produced from the end of 2019, is still offered in 2 versions – a three-door 90 4583 mm long and a five-door 110, which has 5018 mm from nose to tail. The 130th will receive a length of 5100 mm, while on the wheelbase it will repeat 110 – 3022 mm. In other words, the gains are achieved by increasing the rear overhang.

Rumors about modification 130 have been circulating for about a year. They were finally confirmed in an interview with Automotive News by JLR CFO Adrian Mardell. According to him, the new performance will appear within a year and a half. A feature of the car will be a three-row cabin layout. The target markets for the Defender 130 will be North America, China and the Middle East.

As a reminder, Land Rover Defender recently received an expensive super-luxury version with a 5.0-liter petrol V8.

Defender 90 now in Ukraine costs from $ 58,400, Defender 110 – from $ 65,700. Basic versions are equipped with a 2.0-liter turbodiesel with 200 hp.

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