“Strut Cheetah”: Tesla learns to “shoot” even more spectacular

“Strut Cheetah”: Tesla learns to “shoot” even more spectacular


Tesla is working on a new version of launch control, which featured a function of Stance Cheetah (“Cheetah strut”). Judging by the description, adaptive pneumatische machines will feet ground clearance at the front axle in order to reduce the number of applicants under the bottom of the air and accordingly the lifting force.

According to website Electrek, the new function will get the liftback Tesla Model S and the Model X crossover series Raven, equipped with a Smart suspension Adaptive Air Suspension. When you activate the Stance Cheetah electronics will be lowering the front suspension and change the damping to improve the grip and reduce the lift. The name is easily explained by the fact that in profile the car will really look like a Cheetah, preparing to jump.


Meanwhile, Tesla is working on a new power plant under the internal designation Plaid. According to preliminary information, the system will consist of three motors, and its impact will exceed 772 horsepower and 931 Nm of torque. It is assumed that “Plaid powertrain” will receive the Model S, Model X and Roadster Targa. But to adapt it for a younger Model 3 and Model Y is not planned.

Last year Tesla Model S with three-engine installation and modified chassis set the unofficial track record at Laguna Seca. Cityradio was the fastest car in the class, driving round in one minute 36,555 seconds. Electric car not only improved the achievement of the car with two motors, but was able to avoid, for example, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, the result of which one minute 36,77 seconds.

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