Students showed The Lexus of the future

Students showed The Lexus of the future


Lexus Europe has named six finalists for the Soul of Future Premium, a design competition that challenges students at the Royal College of Art in London to design the 2040 Lexus.

Design students were challenged to develop a premium vehicle that would fit in with the upgrades in mid-century European lifestyle. In addition, the participants of the competition had to present the possibilities of integrating the Lexus brand into the concept of transport mobility of the future.

Thus, the Lexus Vision 2040 project received a roof with variable transparency and a body cover, the shade of which can change depending on the season. A vehicle called Crucible is designed for ridesharing services (sharing cars) and is endowed with a cabin that adapts to a specific user or to different tasks of the same driver. At the same time, the ALTO project was designated by its developer as “an ornament for the sky – an earring in a cloud”: this is a vertical take-off and landing apparatus. It is capable of docking with houses, and living plants were used in its cabin.

The Lexus UrbanSwarm concept car explores the possibilities of developing public transport: according to the developer’s plan, individual transport microcapsules with a luxurious interior will be able to combine into a kind of trains. At the same time, the Neko project is another individual capsule, but with an original design and a set of cameras that can record travel.

Finally, the Lexus #Units project is a kind of 3-wheeled vehicle that can virtually combine with other similar cars. Thus, a kind of social network for sharing content is formed. In addition, #Units has the ability to transform the body to reduce its own dimensions in order to take up less space in the parking lot. On March 15 this year, at a special exhibition in London, the jury will select 3 winning projects, but until then, the finalists will have to develop creative presentations of their concepts under the guidance of the judges.

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