Subaru and Toyota stop their factories

Subaru and Toyota stop their factories


Due to a shortage of electronics, Japanese brands have to revise their production plans for September this year.

Auto makers Subaru and Toyota will make adjustments to the work schedule of their factories in Japan. In the case of the Subaru brand, production will be temporarily halted at all Japanese factories for 4 business days starting Tuesday, September 7th. As for Toyota, it will have to close the doors of 15 home factories during September: as a result of such a measure, the brand will produce 140 thousand cars less than planned.

From September 7 to September 10, inclusive, Subaru will stop the conveyor of its factory in Gunma Prefecture, which assembles various cars, and a factory in the village of Oizumi, where engines and transmissions are produced. There is no information yet whether this decision will affect enterprises in other countries.

Earlier this year, Toyota was able to maintain its usual pace of production, despite the shortage of electronic components that hit the auto industry. All thanks to the large volumes of spare parts that the brand began to stock up after the accident at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima 10 years ago. However, the Toyota brand has now announced a component shortage and a 40% cut in its global production target. In addition to the deficit, this was also influenced by the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus in Southeast Asia.

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