Subaru began to declassify serial new Levorg. Universal kept the design of the harbinger

Subaru began to declassify serial new Levorg. Universal kept the design of the harbinger


At home brand taking orders for “shed” the second generation will open in August. The model will be offered with the 1.8 turbo engine, as well as complex EyeSight of the new generation.

The “pyatidverka” Subaru Levorg release in 2014, she shares a “trolley” with a previous Impreza and WRX. The “second” of universal in concept presented last autumn, the new generation modular platform lies SGP (Subaru Global Platform), which created all the latest models of the brand (including fresh and Impreza). Then followed a series of spy photos of the new Levorg, and now, finally, the brand officially announced the production version: on the Japanese Subaru website at the “barn” has its own page.

On the website is still “hanging” only one picture “second” Levorg, in profile. And although the car in the picture is no different from last year’s concept, it is still, apparently, commodity option. Thanks to photospin we know that serial universal almost fully retained the design of its precursor. The site also has a special section, will be there to publish materials concerning new products, the promise of six pieces, the first details will appear on July 23. Well, date of start of receipt of applications is 20 August.

During the premiere of the concept at Subaru said that the serial universal will receive a newly developed boxer four cylinder 1.8 turbo engine with direct injection. The impact of the company said. Japanese-profile media write that has 200 HP and most Likely, the motor is combined with a proprietary Lineartronic CVT. And of course, there is already a “base” station wagon has all-wheel drive.


And the local edition of Creative Trend previously found dimensions of the new “barn”: the length is equal to 4755 mm (65 mm more than the previous Levorg), width – 1795 mm (+15 mm), height – 1480 mm (5 mm bigger than the base of the “first” station wagon), the wheelbase is presumably increased by 20 mm to 2670 mm. the volume of the boot is not named (in the previous model – 522 liters according to the method VDA).

For the “second” Levorg also announced a package of safety systems EyeSight new generation: the stereo camera is now more wide angle, there are four radar (mounted on bumper). Plus the wagon got upgraded adaptive cruise control – using satellite data, the system recognizes the road and stops the car where it is needed.

In Japan the previous Subaru is available with a petrol 1.6 turbo (factory index FB16) and 2.0 (FA20) with a capacity of 170 and 300 HP respectively. But the European version after the facelift lost the turbo in the Old world “barn” can be bought only with a 150-strong boxer “aspirated” 2.0 (also FB series).

Behind the standard new Subaru Levorg needs to submit the serial “charged” version of the STI Sport, its prototype was shown in January 2020. The main features of this “piatigorski” chassis with an electronically shock absorbers and system change driving modes (Drive Mode Select).

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