Subaru plans to only sell electric cars in 2035

Subaru plans to only sell electric cars in 2035


In 2035, the heads of the automotive brand Subaru plan to sell only electric cars.

In Japan, this decision was made together with the compatriots from Toyota. To achieve this goal, the two organizations plan to partner with. The establishment of the tandem, according to leaders of brands, will reduce spending on development and production of innovative technologies.

After 10 years, the representatives of the brand of Subaru expect to sell 40% of electric cars and hybrids. This is the first step in the complete renewal of the product portfolio.


For the first time about the joint development of electric vehicles in the framework of the tandem, Subaru and Toyota became known last summer. Then, the two companies agreed to create a platform that is versatile and suitable for all types of cars.

Analysts believe that the decision on creation of partnership benefits, first and foremost, the company Subaru, as Toyota is a larger company, which will help the fellow to develop technologies.

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