Subaru prepares a flying motorcycle!?

Subaru prepares a flying motorcycle!?


The corresponding patent was published as a joke on April 1st.

Not so long ago, a strange patent for a flying motorcycle was discovered in the patent office database. It is worth noting that it is currently not completely clear whether this was all a joke or whether Subaru is really going to make such a vehicle.

The patent application states that in the ground mode of operation, the wings of the novelty will be located on the sides of the vehicle, and during takeoff, they will extend outward. In this case, the propellers are directed upward, and after takeoff, they change their position to horizontal. It is assumed that the vehicle will have a vertical takeoff.

The most interesting thing is that the aircraft will be driven by a classic internal combustion engine, and not by any powerful electric propulsion system. There is currently no data on the timing of the appearance of the motorcycle.

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