Subaru re-recalls cars due to bad welding

Subaru re-recalls cars due to bad welding

2 107 models Legacy and Outback 2019 issue can have bad welds under the windshield.

It’s not every day an automaker announces a recall of its cars, not to mention the fact that requires replacement of the entire vehicle. Subaru did this last year with several SUVs Ascent 2019 model year, and now the Japanese automaker follows the story of several fresh instances of the models Legacy and Outback.

The problem is in the welds that could pose a security risk. According to the National administration of safety of traffic, some spot welds on the casing of the duct for both the Legacy and Outback can be tricky. The welds are at the back of the engine compartment under a plastic cover at the base of the windshield. In particular, the review stated that the component was manufactured by a vendor and that the problem with the tip of a welding machine can cause the seams can disperse. This problem occurs in vehicles produced in the period from may 31, 2019 June 6, 2019.

Opinion will affect only 142 copies Subaru Legacy and Outback 1 965. It’s just 2 107 vehicles, however, Subaru believes that only 12% of these cars can have problems.

The problem represents a danger, because the bad welds can lead to increased risk of injury in an accident. The automaker used a non-standard way and offers all vladeltsam of these cars to buy them or replace with a serviceable. As for the unsold vehicles, they will be checked for bad welds, and, in case of detection, will eventually have to be repaired and for sale.