Subaru used AI to control the quality of engine parts

Subaru used AI to control the quality of engine parts


Camshaft manufacturing quality control at the Subaru Corporation plant in Japan is now performed by artificial intelligence (AI). The technology was perfected over the course of two years, after which it was introduced into mass production.

The AI ​​was developed by Subaru Corporation in cooperation with Fujitsu Limited and is called Fujitsu Colmina On-Site Quality AI. The new quality control system has been implemented in the engine shop of the Subaru Oizumi Plant and is used in the manufacture of camshafts. Artificial intelligence in real time checks the details for compliance with geometric parameters and roughness.

Experiments in this direction began in August 2020. The first results were encouraging, but the developers had concerns that the mathematical model does not take into account the factor of aging and wear of machine parts that process metal blanks. The system has been improved over the course of two years and is now capable of not only rejecting products, but also prompts when production equipment needs to be updated.

Until recently, quality control of parts was carried out selectively for each lot. However, Colmina On-Site Quality AI is able to check every instance. The quality is evaluated according to the readings of a number of sensors, in particular, the power of the electric motors of the machines and the vibration of the installed camshaft are taken into account. The data array is processed using special algorithms and at the output the system indicates whether this or that part corresponds to the reference one.

In the future, Subaru and Fujitsu intend to expand this AI model to other manufacturing areas to improve productivity and product quality.

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