Subaru will bring to Tokyo is something “hot”

Subaru will bring to Tokyo is something “hot”


Firm again excites the imagination of fans of the fast, powerful and practical machines.

A prototype of a new sample of the versatile Levorg, Subaru revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show. And in January at another exhibition called the Tokyo Auto Salon, which is dedicated mainly to tuning industry, will debut its “charged” version.

Another prototype, announced by the firm, has received the name Levorg Subaru STI Sport. So far the only published photograph, which carries the familiar logo subaratum division of STI. Currently it is unclear whether or not the wagon a more aggressive decor or revision will be more significant and will affect the powertrain. The production version of the new Levorg also has not yet been declassified.


According to rumors, the Levorg STI Sport can be considered a hint to update the entire sports line of Subaru, including the iconic WRX and WRX STI. They seriously upgraded version of the mark had to show back in October, but apparently, something went wrong. Earlier it was reported that both fighting “Impressum” may substantially “strangle” the motors, move both models into a new platform and even turn into a two – or three-door coupe.

In your opinion, what is missing Lavorgo?

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