Subaru will send more than 160 thousand of its cars to the service

Subaru will send more than 160 thousand of its cars to the service


The service campaign is caused by a problem with the fuel pump, the symptoms of which may be unstable engine operation, accompanied by vibrations and abnormal sounds. In some cases, the “Check Engine” indicator on the dashboard lights up, and in the worst situations, the engine stalls and does not start anymore.

According to the manufacturer, there have been no accidents or injuries associated with a defective component. However, stopping on a long trip due to a failed fuel pump is not a pleasant situation, so car owners will be asked to come to service stations starting in September to replace the device free of charge.

As Consumer Reports clarifies, the review applies to Ascent 2018-2019 crossovers, Forester 2018, Impreza hatchbacks and sedans 2018-2020, Legacy sedans 2018-2020, Outback station wagons 2018-2020, WRX sedans 2018-2019 and BRZ coupes 2018-2019.

By the way, this will be the second recall of Subaru cars for the American market in 2021 due to problems with the fuel pump. The first service campaign started in June and covered over 188,000 Impreza, Outback, Legacy and Ascent vehicles.

A similar problem with fuel pumps has recently been with US-spec Honda Motor vehicles.

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