“Successor” of McLaren F1: new hypercar GMA

“Successor” of McLaren F1: new hypercar GMA


The company Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA), owned by the chief designer of the legendary McLaren F1, Gordon Murray, presented a coupé T. 50 – ideological heir of the supercar of the 1990s and a road car with the most advanced to date aerodynamics. Dogdore has a low mass and resourceful twelve-cylinder “aspirated”, which became a part of the power structure.

Based GMA T. 50 coupe lies a monocoque carbon fiber with a core of aluminum honeycomb cells. It is so hard that as one of the measures for reduction of the weight of the refusal from additional stretch marks and amplifiers. Exterior panels are also made from composite and, together with the monocoque weighs only 150 pounds – and the car fits in a 986.

The engine and transmission in T. 50 are elements of the superstructure, that is, assume part of the load. The power plant is bolted to the monocoque by means of plates, equipped with elastic supports. This solution reduces noise and vibration, allowing the engine to move within the specified limits.

T. 50 air atmospheric 3.9 V12 is a joint development of GMA and Cosworth. The unit produces 663 HP and 467 lb-ft of torque, spinning to 12 100 revolutions per minute. The motor is equipped with lubrication system dry sump, phase shifters at the inlet and outlet and a 48-volt starter-generator gear-driven. Box – “mechanics” with the Xtrac H-shaped circuit switching, juxtaposed next to the first five gears and a long sixth for uniform drive at high speed.

But the main “chip” GMA.50 – active ground-effect with a 400-mm fan on the stern and active ducts, which complement the shaped underbody with rear diffuser. Spinning, the fan eliminates the boundary layer, thereby increasing the Venturi effect under the car is off, and he is stronger pressed to the asphalt. Combining the algorithms of active elements, GMA T. 50 will offer six aerodynamic conditions.

For example, in the mode of active braking of the rear spoilers rise at an angle of 45 degrees, and the fan runs at maximum speed, two times increasing downforce. Due to this, the braking distance is 240 km/h is reduced by ten meters. Mode Streamline spoilers go ten degrees down, close the ducts in the diffuser, and vortex flow extends from the stern to reduce drag.

In the cabin – three carbon chair, pedals made of aluminium and titanium, and two displays, which broadcast the image from the side cameras. In the list of equipment there is media support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth and navigation and a 700-watt audio system with 10 speakers Arcam – but all controls left analog. To store small things there are five compartments with a total volume of 30 liters. Trunk two: they are located in the side of the body.

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Production T. 50 will begin in January 2022, each instance will do for the customer. It is planned to release a hundred coupe at a price of 2.36 million pounds each ().

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