Such a different Macan: what makes Porsche?

Such a different Macan: what makes Porsche?


The next generation Porsche Macan crossover will be released in two versions: traditional, with internal combustion engines, and fully electric. These will be two different models on different platforms. The first will debut in 2021, the second, electric in 2023. Porsche has shared pictures from tests of the Macan electric prototypes.

Camouflaged prototypes of the electric drive Macan left the factory for the first time and went onto public roads. Prototypes will have to travel about 3 million kilometers in different countries and weather conditions. The experience of testing digital prototypes has already been incorporated into the design of cars: over four years, 20 virtual cars have been tested in such categories as aerodynamics, energy management, ergonomics, acoustics.

The Electric Macan will be the first model built on the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform. Like the Taycan, the crossover will feature an 800-volt architecture. Porsche promises to be the sportiest model in its segment.

Porsche has not yet announced anything about the new generation Macan crossover with traditional internal combustion engines – except that it will debut this year. “In Europe, the demand for electric vehicles is constantly growing. However, the pace of development of electromobility in different regions of the world is not the same. Therefore, in 2021 we will launch another successor model of the modern Macan with a traditional drive, ”said Porsche Development Manager Michael Steiner.

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