Such a Toyota you definitely have not seen!

Such a Toyota you definitely have not seen!


An advertisement for the sale of a low-mileage Toyota dump truck has been posted on social media.

The car was released 35 years ago. Despite its age, the car is in good cosmetic and technical condition and has a minimum of repainted elements.

A 2.4-liter engine is installed under the hood. Its power is 113 horsepower. Together with it, a four-speed manual transmission works. The drive is rear and it is complemented by a dual-tire axle.

The dump truck could be actively operated in various environments, both in agriculture and in industrial activities. Initially, the car was produced in the form of a pickup truck, but later the developers modified it, making it a dump truck. The cargo platform is made of thick aluminum sheet, it is durable, at the same time – light, and looks expensive and rich.

The former owner is convinced that this is too perfect a car, so he did not operate it every day, preferring to store it in the garage and just regularly maintain the car.

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