Suddenly: the car was safer than a car with a roof

Suddenly: the car was safer than a car with a roof


According to the statistics given by the Insurance Institute for road safety USA (IIHS), the car less likely to get into accidents than ordinary cars with a roof. In the study, experts have studied the number of accidents with convertible and coupe not older than four years. On paper the car without a roof was safer than the roof.

In the period from 2014 to 2018 in the United States was fixed at six percent less accidents with the car in overcome per mile than conventional cars. The mortality rate of car passengers was 11% lower, and they rarely got injured. According to the IIHS, the level of injuries in convertibles with the soft top on three percent lower than standard cars, and convertibles with hard top – 10 percent.


While the driver and passengers of a convertible higher the chances to fly out of the interior of the car is: 43 per cent against 35 per cent in the compartment. The cause of death of 21 percent of car drivers was that they drove with the top down and when the accident took off from the car on the road.

There are several explanations for such statistics. According to study author Eric teo, the first reason is the weight of the convertible, which is traditionally more than the car with a normal roof, and, therefore, it is safer. The second reason is the high cost of the car, so most of their customers purchase with earnings above average, and they are less prone to dangerous driving. Car drivers often wear seat belts, less likely to exceed the speed limit and try not to travel in bad weather.

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