Super Rare Jaguar XJR-15 LM 1 Of 5!

Super Rare Jaguar XJR-15 LM 1 Of 5!


I stopped by the Tokyo Auto Salon and found some incredible cars. This is the 1992 Jaguar XJR-15 LM. Only 5 have been made. This car has rarely been seen either online or in real life. I’ve got a full video coming out really soon on the rest of the coolest cars I saw at the show. For now, enjoy!Thanks for watching always xx AlexFollow me on:#tokyoautosalon2020 #jaguar

all right guys we have found some gems just before we take a look at this one CLK GTR only 25 of these in the world this is number 11 this is what we really want to look out right yeah this is a Jaguar it’s called the XJ r15 LM now only five of them are made and it’s been super super secretive pretty much because they’ve been hidden away for all these years it came out in 90s early 90s this one in 1990 this is the first time that this has been revealed in public on show I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about this car it’s rumored or almost confirmed I suppose you could say that all five of these cars are here in Japan owned by one guy he’s got them all chassis number one and it’s the only one they ever made in white so that makes it even more special the other ones are in blue and green seven point four liter v12 has around 750 horsepower I could do 0 to 100 in under 4 seconds so this is actually a track only car the LM version if you could spot this if you’re lucky enough to see this somewhere how would you know that it’s any different to the standard XJ r15 model this one has the extra hood scoop the air intake here on top the front lip is different this is different and also of course it has more horsepower than the standard XJR 15 so there you go guys I didn’t know I’d be seeing this yesterday the owner is like or probably not ever going to sell this I like what if we find someone who wants to buy it not not gonna happen so there you go I don’t I don’t know when we’re actually ever going to see this car again out in public I think we’re done I think that’s how we got to wrap up this video right I think we’re out guys I hope you’ve enjoyed please give us a quick thumbs up like the videos subscribe to the super couple on the family I would love to have you join me and yeah we’re gonna go hunt down some cool cars this year 2020 love you I’m out

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