Supercapture time: new Ford stood in the garage for 45 years

Supercapture time: new Ford stood in the garage for 45 years


On the odometer Maverick 1974 release — only 100 miles

On the American auction Bring A Trailer has an amazing stranger from the past — sedan Maverick 1974 release in as brand new car. For 45 years the vehicle has traveled 100 km That is almost half a century stood in the garage.

In addition to the light corrosion on the underbody and chassis, this “young man” is almost flawless. According to the auction description, Maverick was taken to the house of the owner of the dealer and parked in the garage for 35 years. Then it was sold to the second owner who also hid the car “away from prying eyes.” The owners of the “Maverick” carefully maintained it in good condition over long periods of seclusion.


The car is equipped with six-cylinder inline gasoline engine and a three-stage machine. The interior is perfectly preserved — the chairs are upholstered in a striped fabric from the options is a radio and rare for that time air. Even the tires are original — they also 45 years. And if the new owner decides to go “into the light”, he will have to change tires for safety purposes.

Price? Depends on the interest of the public. Until the maximum rate is 11 thousand dollars. By the way, in 1974 the owner paid for the car dealer a little over two thousand…

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