Supercar Blondie Takes On Ozzy Man Reviews!

Supercar Blondie Takes On Ozzy Man Reviews!


Ozzy Man Reviews takes me to destination Eat Your Heart Out – ft. Lamborghini Performante Spyder!Follow Ozzy Man Reviews here:Follow me on:Music by:High Octane by Goatzilla –

camera alright guys so there’s a little bit of a warning to this video if you have watched Ozzie man you know what’s about to go down if you haven’t some course language so if you’re under the age of 15 just please ask your mom and dad if you can watch this video for the rest of you have fun I don’t know that’s coming down man everyone how you going yes thank you for coming Perth is a city in Australia you’ve probably never heard of it before it’s just tiny little city away from all the other cities in Australia hence no one comes here probably a few other reasons as well mainly that one yeah not as many reasons as why people don’t go to Adelaide but similar yeah you brought a supercar I did I brought you a supercar this is the Lamborghini parfum on teh spider and spider basically means it doesn’t have a roof so it’s a convertible that’s how Lamborghini says convertible they say it’s a spider okay this one is over 600 horse [ __ ] that’s a lot of horses this is called collage carbon-fiber and this makes it super super lightweight and really strong you see this like texture in there it’s cool hey oh I thought I was his fingerprints yeah no that’s actually collage carbon-fiber I genuinely thought that was like dodgy [ __ ] coming up being like bucket seats carbon-fiber bucket seats it’s a super light it’s just fixed it just fixed as is because it’s a super sporty car so they’re meant to be straight up like this so they know for posture probably good for posture yeah you’re not gonna be over comfortable but that’s not really the point in these cars you just need to look hot as [ __ ] yeah alright so you’re gonna show can you show me around Perth because I literally know nothing I now know this car park and this there’s a five-star hotel here and that’s all I know of her yeah well let me be your tour guide all right you guys ready for this I didn’t want to be one of those [ __ ] that gets behind the wheel of a supercar for the first time and [ __ ] crashes it so we decided Alex should drive for the time being I moved my 2007 secondhand Honda Accord into the carpark not because I wanted to show off what I’ve been able to buy with my YouTube money but more for security I’m just locking up my car I just let me look it up and yeah now yeah I was [ __ ] pumped and ready to go the CD player oh yeah I got 9 I took them out of them under what he’ll Jam Rage Against the Machine fit dusty do you have to pay for parking when you’re in Lamborghini never you just go under the barrier it’s brilliant hack so you know you pay more for the car with less for parking so kind of evens up in the long eventually after 103 years we don’t have an Autobahn here is that there what’s that freeway in German on that yeah it’s amazing how fast did you go in and on the Autobahn in kilometers no miles Giana 6260 get five 360 kilometers do I feel like a Lamborghini wanker right now Allen aye I don’t know like I understand you know the the appear and the but you know it is about having fun as well it’s not just about show and I reach there’s a clamp because alex is a classic Sheila that likes fancy [ __ ] I thought Kings Park would be a fair [ __ ] dinkum lovely spot to show her first it’s a beautiful place it’s so beautiful she almost said the f-word this is so freaking pretty oh my god there’s a lake yeah the Swan River yeah it’s really we couldn’t stay long because I’ve been here a billion times and I also started to get hungry I told her the rest of the park is [ __ ] ass and that we should go for lunch she was like you know I’m pretty hungry too luckily I know the best lunch spot on a weekend a detainee on the freeway that’s exciting that is Alec system driving yeah something already it’s like losing your virginity you got to be ready so you are in a supercar Alex as well just surgery you it was like a goal we call one day and I got one last year is there an addiction to it I like the idea of collecting though yeah like I like being a collector what do you place I used to collect stamps really yeah I don’t know where they went actually someone picked up on someone picked my stash I’m gonna find that [ __ ] and when I do it is yeah well this is where the restaurant is it’s a high road okay you’ll love it this is bull Matt Australian cuisine comment coming at you good I’ll stop beeping me I’m trying to lift the bloody lamb meat that we’ve stuffed on a crosswalk to you now we’re even bigger wankers yeah sorry sorry it’s hard to get at with the roof on its stem girl you’re alright I don’t want to hit there you go there you go doing your own actually it and the spin this ability hey what are we doing here are they do food as well yeah genuine legal night no I’m not all of them have this this is a little night yeah after smashing a very tasty snagger in a bun I was trusted with the keys to the perform on teh spider it’s a very high power people and so you need to just be very very so 600 horses yeah so just very soft at all sensitive yep okay okay I trust you I’m gonna do good you’ve left me in a in a dodgy wheel position oh yeah yeah it’s not the most respectful wheel position to leave it in sorry should I give it a little Rebbe rainfall yeah if you don’t think we’re gonna find what do you think who the [ __ ] no okay oh yeah haha I feel it oh I feel it feeling in my body oh my god you feel powerfully goes through your whole body’s like the vibration yep oh I got an army truck yeah we’re just waiting on this army truck behind us army truck first Lamborghini he’s trying to steal our thunder yeah there’s an army traps pretty right yeah there they are rare oh there’s a child lookout for children hi I’m ready to reverse all right I’m stuck you know Bunnings kappa how does that tell us so [ __ ] attorney do you still do this in the lambing guy cuz you can’t see me i feel like this is not the right thing to be doing you can’t see it so you just watch this one ah no steering wheels nice yeah that’s smooth as [ __ ] that is crispy go burn off all of me I’m in the Oh it comes behind us oh yes the power at my hand you know this is up there with zingy Derby catalyzed are you comfortable I’m quite comfortable and you know I don’t mind this bucket seat either cuz it kind of wraps around you it’s like it gives you a little hug which is really nice I just feel like I’m getting a hug from the Lamborghini it’s not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be to be honest ii accelerators easy that’s easy it’s just afraid that I’m going to be struggling with Lamborghini driver night no big deal it’s pretty hard to drive a Lamborghini with a balance like I won’t lie kind of life eating the hair in my mouth at the moment yeah I don’t think Lamborghini has thought about their mileage demographic because it’s a bit tricky maybe I should’ve like tied it up in a ponytail kind of keep it a little bit okay go go go go oh yes if you don’t have a supercar [ __ ] off get outta pants all about the supercars now mate no just kidding it’s a trolley over there maybe we can sit on that have you ever do you ever do that sit on the dude do you want the trolley yeah let’s bring it all to you you do you say I’ll bring it over to the guests and purl bringing the truck cheers to pay alright guys I hope you liked the video give Aussie man reviews a bit of love his links in the description below yeah and same-same not reciprocal like my fans you know go and check out supercar blondie if you’re into shit-hot supercars and hide the cars and concept cards she’s got it all making a video with you Ali this is a big opportunity for me

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