Supercar Blondie’s Crazy Family

Supercar Blondie’s Crazy Family


I’m home in Queensland Australia where I grew up as a child. This is my crazy Family! The only one not there is my older brother and his wife and daughter – he’s a real petrolhead but is super camera shy… we’ll get him next time!Follow me on:

nothing – nothing identifiable got absolutely washed off its supercar blondie I’m at home so this is mum’s garden she’s worked on it for the last few years so there are four of us older brother older sister me I’m the third child and then a younger sister so I’m actually the middle sister and it’s all the weirdness that’s why I need to you know you know break out for attention and stuff you know that’s why I’m a youtuber cuz I never got any attention growing up middle child syndrome and all that you know so this is a sandstone house that dad actually built with his own hands actually this is just my like zone out place running from car show to car show all around the world and then I come here a couple of times a year just to peace out it is so quiet all year is the birds chirping that’s here see we can’t show the kitchen mom’s cooking and she says it’s not in the right condition to see all of this sandstone in here you see all of this this was handmade by convicts back in the 1800s in in Australia mum got this show alone and I was never allowed to come into this room growing up so when I come in here now it’s still a little bit weird we close these doors and I make my whole whole family sit around and then we’d put on shows that’s about as good as it got this is my mum she’s the lady of the house aren’t you mom I was just saying we’re filming and you came in you like there’s a snake out front who killed it that’s right well dad just ran out also a huge brown snake in the back way so so yeah so somebody’s run over oh my goodness can we go look at it where is that yeah brown snakes are one of the most venomous snakes in Australia if you get bitten by one what happens mum my best no he’s the guy and a bulldozer yeah and now you’ve got walking like a knife now you’ve got trakula area which is an official term from the doctor which means you get us or bottles from being on the tractor too long so it’s an Aussie thing uh it wasn’t Katie rain over the snow oh we can drive over yeah we can walk out really okay why did I get rid of spiders so what are we doing first we’re hunting down a snake we’ve just gotten to Australia you guys and we’ve just walked down which to the veranda and there’s a snake right here look at the size of this snake isn’t that just crazy one moment it’s there the other moment it’s gonna eat you this is how dangerous Australia is look at the size of this snake just incredible crikey but the snakes already gone over or are you ready we’re gonna go and see if Browns night it’s gonna be really scary when you link up to it and check it out and see how it responds to Cuban prisons Wow I mean here we’ve been dropped by the covers or it’s been killed by the kookaburras well I think it’s being run over on the road it could have been but it looks like its main exit so if this bit you died what would happen well you’d have to get a hospital and get the antivenin yeah what if you couldn’t get access to it very few people die from an are those very very few if you’re out in the middle of no yeah you don’t get the anti-venom then Oh who’s this is this hello right on time my aunty Wow that’s nice pretty fast as you do they heard there was a snake they’re heading out they’re heading out welcome welcome to the country this is how you welcome guests you came on key we’re starting to lack in terms of Clinton’s suspicion and anxiety miniature versions so I grew up here until I was about 13 and then moved to the city Brisbane with mum to go to high school but dad stayed here to look after the farm and he’s his local business in town yeah and then this is where we come back to every time we kind of need some downtime have you ever thought of making a better entrance to your property this is the test if you can’t get over this piece of wood you’re not invited you did it look ybarra they’re laughing at me they only lost when you get into the shower oh he said he has a gun in the back of a Jetta yeah you have to come prepared to the dog oh how it will end up so Timmy’s undercover what did you indicate undercover something Yeah right 212 go use this silver pigeon tail for clay Pat and clay target shooting clay target shooting you’ve done this here before haven’t you yes what do you think this is a little bit of it after all no no I just had it in the back I just had in the back in case we wanted to go this is completely legal I’m licensed what else you don’t do certain license to do so by your blurring at the face though you Blair you’re blurring out there who I am and all of that changing the voice oh yeah so nothing identify well yeah absolutely well you’re good what happened oh um well just a present from uncle Tim to dad um what’s this Tim actually from auntie Jeanne oh yeah she felt more appropriate handing them or something like that oh no look it’s got a nice little description here kangaroo scrotum what’s this genuine Australian souvenir what’s the scrotum well these are kangaroo balls and they’re from from boom – huh I’ll teach any – dad because that’s what you do suspect number one is a portrait you guys pretty cool what are your names Richard please state your name I’m Kate I’m Alex is most beautiful more talented younger sister okay underscore ducks who is super cool indeed to us super quiet cat Blondie’s my niece she’s very famous and I’m the father well why is she to you got it and you are to Kate who is super comp Lundy to you super couple unleash me is the most bizarre name before someone I told my Odysseys – you learned how to drive and crush into a gate on her first day she learned how to drive in a mid speech she glanced off the car I also learnt how to drive on and it’s now rusty and in a paddock somewhere we don’t know and her interest with super cars astounds me because no one else in the family cares at all oh she’s can’t say my favorite news because I have three amazing ones but I think there should be enfranchised for the super yacht blondie with Kate and Nina I haven’t worked out what she can do that what is she to you my house with expensive to drive do you understand what she does chase photos of the South Philippine do you know what she does yes she saw nothing Graham Graham stop Graham Graham scram stone in Instagram it’s instant instant instant grams no do you know what she does no she’s ugly do you want to youtube channel what seat you are you subscribe to a channel do you subscribe to your channel do you subscribe to super tabla news channel yes in strain desh ki ki – any two things worth watching pictures and the right night do you watch her YouTube know what you do what you do dad’s been medical no I don’t have one of those so I call it a hobby farm in a lot of the countries it’s like a proper farm because you’ve got cattle a lot of land and like it’s huge right that that’s the ball it’s got massive balls it’s looking very strange I’m sure when I get this every day don’t worry hey mate how are you going it’s okay Mike it’s okay don’t jump he’s trying to do a YouTube here boy jump in my stomach that’s it that’s my vlog about my crazy family here in Queensland Australia hope you enjoyed please like the video and subscribe to my channel

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