Supercar McLaren 720S made easier, more powerful and smarter

Supercar McLaren 720S made easier, more powerful and smarter


The company McLaren Automotive the new model – 765LT (Longtail), which is included in the “average” range of Super Series. Supercar is a lighter and more powerful modification coupe 720S. The model became the third “long-tail” production car in the brand’s history: earlier this console was available as a model 675LT and 600LT.

For McLaren 765LT engineers have developed new body panels from carbon fiber, which reduced the car’s weight by 80 pounds compared to the 720S. Made of carbon fiber bumpers, front splitter, skirts and diffuser.

In addition, the supercar has received a titanium exhaust, thinner glass, 10-spoke ultralight forged wheels with titanium wheel bolts, and is designed specifically for models with Pirelli tyres (wheel Assembly weigh 22 pounds less than the 720S). Ultimately, the weight of the new model is 1229 kg.

The interior of the car also changed. In addition to a choice of eight color solutions of the salon, its design also has been applied to the carbon fiber. Carbon fiber was used in the manufacture of seats, Central tunnel and even gender.


From supercar widened front track, ride height front decreased by five millimeters, a new spring and has been retuned active dampers.

In the motion supercar results in an upgraded eight-cylinder engine capacity of four liters. The motor got forged pistons, different cylinder head gasket and the control unit. The engine is paired with seven-speed gearbox with dual clutch, produces 765 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque.

Up to hundreds coupe accelerates in 2.8 seconds and 200 kilometers per hour in 7.2 seconds. Maximum speed is 330 kilometers per hour. The fuel consumption in the urban cycle, according to the manufacturer, will be 17 liters per hundred kilometers.

Orders for the new supercar have already been taken, but the exact prices yet. According to unofficial data McLaren 765LT will cost about 400,000 pounds ($511 600). Results will be released 765 instances of the model.

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