Supercar Runway Race | Series 20 | BBC

Supercar Runway Race | Series 20 | BBC


The boys are in Euro crisis hit Spain to test three new “budget supercars” Clarkson selects a bright yellow ₤195,000 McLaren MP4-12C Spider, Hammond takes a red ₤198,000 Ferrari 458 Spider, and May chooses a gray ₤121,000 Audi R8 V10 Spyder. Searching for a place to test the top speeds of their cars, they chance across the disused Ciudad Real Central Airport. Clarkson’s MP4 reaches 198 mph (319 km/h), besting the 458’s 193 mph (311 km/h) and the R8’s 186 mph (299 km/h). But the real test of any supercar, as James May devises, is; who can get the finish line first and secure the car’s roof from convertible to hard top.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

The wheel's coming off.
My wheel's come off! -Hello.
-I'll be Lufthansa. -I'm sorry, the gate is closed.
-Could you just open it? Nein. I haven't got a passport, I've just got
a selection of weapons and concealed drugs Eventually, though,
we found what we came for. -That is a runway over there, I believe.
-Yes. But since there was no-one around
to ask for permission to use it, we had to improvise. Would it be possible for us
to drive on the runway here? -Is there any flight traffic today?
-No, it's very quiet today. -Is it?
-I should imagine it'll be fine. With permission granted,
we headed out to the runway. It's all right, I've got it.
I've got it. It's Okay. I can't do manual labour. You know that. Look at that! It's ours! The runway was a whopping 2.5 miles long. More than enough to max our cars. Hammond elected to go first. I'm always nervous
when he drives in a straight line. Richard Hammond, can you drive
in a straight line down a runway? Yes, what can possibly go wrong with that? Hit the launch control button,
with it in race and manual. Give it max revs, my right foot. Left foot off. Right, we're away! It does the first gear change for me.
Now it's up to me and already we're doing 85, 90…
100 miles an hour, that quickly. Damn, this thing is fast! Oh, look at the dust cloud. Hundred and thirty-eight.
Hundred and forty-one! I can hear the grit
hitting the underside of the car. There's a lot of it. Seventh gear
has just been hit, 175 miles an hour. Still accelerating hard. I can see the line, 186… 87, 88. Come on, Ferrari, accelerate! Now that is a Ferrari at full chat. Ninety! Ninety-one! Ninety-two. Ninety-two… Ninety-three! One hundred and ninety-three miles
an hour. Top speed achieved. Next up, it was James, who decided to use
absolutely all of the available space. Right, here we go.
Sport, sport suspension, air con is off. Manual one. Here we go at the max. Right, here he comes now. Captain Slow is his name,
or the Italians call him Mr Slowly. That's 80. I know at some point in that car,
when he's doing his run, he is saying "buffeting". Buffeting. He's moving along in the right direction. It's weird to think James May's in that,
doing that speed. A spaniel in control of that. Indicated 175, 177. Come on! That said 186. Knowing that modern-day speedos
are frighteningly accurate, I knew what speed I had to beat,
Hammond's 193. Okay, launch control. First gear. Press launch. Launch active. Three, two, one. Go! Oh, wow, that's quick! Eighty miles an hour already. Here he comes.
He's moving at tremendous speed. Hundred and forty. I'm taking manual control now
to lock in in six. I don't want to go into seventh…
because that will slow it down. Come on, 191, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197… 197 again. Well, I'm through and I've indicated 198. Victory, therefore, is mine. Annoyingly, though, we weren't finished,
because James had come up with an idea. It's a drag race,
but because of the weather, especially what it's doing today,
you have to start with your roof down and you have to finish with your roof up. And that's not quite
as simple as it sounds. Well, no, it isn't, because I can operate
this roof while I'm driving. So can I. He can't. -You can't. No, Ferrari, you have to…
-You have to stop. -Which means… Hang on!
-No, actually this is quite interesting. I can do 19 miles an hour
and put the roof up. How fast can you go? -Thirty-one.
-You're joking? Officially, your roof, I think, goes up
in 14 seconds and mine's about 19. This is very complicated. So, the flag drops. -Yes.
-Yup. I set off, but I can only go 19 miles
an hour, while the roof's coming up. -Then I can go.
-Yup. -You can go to 31 miles an hour…
-But I have to stay there for longer. Because your roof takes longer to go up. You can't set off at all
until your roof's up. -But then–
-Go like hell. Yeah, you launch control and go like hell. Having settled on a half-mile distance, we lined up and our Spanish starter
began the countdown. Tres, dos, uno… -We begin, we begin…
-I daren't put it in launch. They're moving away,
I'm not going anywhere! Less than 19. Eighteen miles an hour… 19, 18. Come on, hurry up! Oh, I've exceeded the roof speed. Bang! Oh, God. Struggling for grip.
Windows are going up now. Roof latched! I am away! I've passed James. It's jammed! [bleep] I did that wrong. We lined up for a second attempt. Right, glasses on, so I can read
when the roof is latched. Right, keep finger on the button,
concentrate on the speed. Here we go. Keep it below 19 miles
an hour, Jeremy… 18, 19. I wait until the roof is up
and just before the back hatch goes down, I'm going to hit
the launch control button. There. Oh, come on!
This feels astonishingly slow. Nine… oh, 20.
Roof operation in progress. That's down. I can go now. Roof closed! I'm changing gear with my left hand.
How multi-tasking was that? I am passing James May. They're getting closer to the line.
I think Jeremy is going to cross now. But I'm getting closer to the Audi
by the second. Hammond's coming! I'm going to get him!
I'm going to get him! Second. Victory has been mine.

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