Supercar Street Race | The “Madrid Grand Prix”

Supercar Street Race | The “Madrid Grand Prix”


The trio enter Madrid and an abandoned housing project. Commenting on the size of the project, Clarkson reckons the development would be an ideal location for a street-racing circuit, which they create and christen the “Circuito de Sir Francis Drake”. Calling their event the “Madrid Grand Prix”, they import the Stig to set a benchmark lap in a Jaguar XKR-S convertible. Now all the have to do is beat it…Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

where the circuit complete and christened we unwrapped the Stig so he could set a benchmark time in a supercharged Jaguar convertible are you ready with the stopwatch James May yes I am Bradley Cooper we’ll start it it’s a dirty dirty south his tail out going round the rockery of Gibraltar because this was a street circuit it was lined with wheel killing curbs and was even a speed hunt but these things were of no moment to the stake 57 and a half seconds right we then set off on a sighting lab knowing that if we wanted to beat the Stig we’d have to average at least 60 miles a there’s an army there even though our cars were faster than the Jag it looked like a tall order okay here we go this is it you’re making a Ferrari now’s our chance give it everything we got three two one really faster limiter brand the rockery of Gibraltar turn it this thing will Gregg Richard left that Lake back on the person’s you can that was quick now that she came this is monstrous then thread it through here that is tight and now the final straight up towards the finish line this is all log on everything I can little feza I really hope I’ve made up for crushing you this morning with my work done it was mr. slowly stir voice sounds second third James May ladies and gentlemen hit Ferb there’s a left-hander somewhere there it is throw it in and to Lord Howard of Effingham Oh tricky gear change with again with with no one expects the Spanish speed hump nice and straight then bloody kill day finally it was the turn of the McLaren active arrow sport well this is it three two one Sloane’s control concentrate Jeremy concentrate Oh massive tailslide time and on to the Golden Hind straight 91 miles an hour that down to second Oh the world the only problem I had was you know the Lord however baffington chicane yeah maybe wanted first but I couldn’t ever get it in the McLaren you trying to jam it down but the problem I had was when you get to the no one expects the Spanish speed hump yeah you had to go why I can try and hit it reasonably square because if you got it at an angle you’d be bangs I thought it would smash you will absolutely yeah yes anyway I have the results here and well is no other way to put this then the fastest car around our magnificent track was at the Ferrari yeah it was no no Hammond the Frey was the fastest in the first lap well it was a one lap event it wasn’t a one lap event but no because there we pass all the cameras away okay and that we kept going as you remember and by the end the McLaren was not just faster than the Ferrari but faster than the Stig it’s but that wasn’t he because then the Stig went out again in the Jag and was faster than the McLaren yes that wasn’t the end either because if you remember it then started raining and in the rain the alley was the fastest because of its four-wheel drive so this isn’t very good is it well no what we’re saying is that there is different points all of them were the fastest yeah yeah I mean look I’ve got the results of everything over here all the categories and speed yes we decided that was a dead heat for all three quietness that was also a dead heat between the Audi and the McLaren discretion the Audi economy that was the Audi value was the Audi but finally equipment that was the Audi cares fairly comprehensive win there for the Audi so James May of the three cars knowing what we know now which would you choose to buy the Ferrari yeah it’s the Ferrari isn’t you ah McLaren interesting really no not a Ferrari good I mean the McLaren is absolutely brilliant but the Ferraris just a little bit more special so what we’re finally saying is with all three have a car that dissolves if you drive it too quickly you

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