Supercar Tritium will offer limitless personalization options

Supercar Tritium will offer limitless personalization options


The Finnish startup Tritium Automotive will start a series of small electric supercar with “unlimited customization options”. The novelty, the public debut which will take place in June at the exhibition Top Marques in Monaco, is estimated at 1.1 million euros.

Details of the project Tritium were not disclosed. According to unofficial information, in the design of the supercar used light alloys and carbon fiber composites, like those used in Formula 1. Feature of “Tritium” will be quick external panel, which if necessary can be replaced by a new one. Buyers are promised access to the warehouses of spare parts and unprecedented personalisation programme, involving the choice of design of any element of the exterior.

The power capacity of the Finnish supercar is 500 kW (680 HP). Battery capacity is unknown, but the site writes about a range of 300 kilometers. Circulation of Tritium shall not exceed 11 copies, and the price of each will be approximately 1.1 million euros.


The closest rival to the “Tritium” can be a British electric car Apex AP-0. Powerplant “Apex” consists of mounted on the rear axle electric motor and lithium-ion battery 90 kilowatt-hours. The electric motor produces 658 HP and 580 Nm of torque, driving the track car to a hundred in 2.3 seconds. However, without recharging the British will travel more – 515 kilometres (WLPT).

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