Supercar vs Motorbike vs F1 Car Festival Sydney

Supercar vs Motorbike vs F1 Car Festival Sydney


With help from Mark Webber, Jamie Whincup and Casey Stoner, its time to find out who will win in the battle between motorbike, supercar and Formula 1 car.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

There's a question which I know thousands of people out there
will be asking, car drivers mainly. Are motorcycle racers basically insane? You know, I think to a certain degree,
we are. Half the thing that's difficult to
overcome with bikes is actually the fear. You know, you start to crash when
you start to push limits, you know. You lock a front on a car, you run wide. You lock a front of the bike, you go down. Casey's comparison about racing
a car and the bike was most timely because that was exactly what we plan
to do next, specifically a shootout
between his bike… a V8 supercar… and this. And the drivers weren't too shabby either. Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome on to the track as they make their way around,
Mark Webber, Jamie Whincup, and Casey Stoner! Jamie, I hate to illustrate your
sort of weakness here at the moment, but you do have an advantage in some ways
because you weigh nearly one ton more than these two guys combined, don't you? So you can use your car
as a bit of a battering ram. They get in your way, just feed them
a wheel and set them off the track. I won't be looking at… I'll just be
making sure I don't run over the public. Mate, you can not only shut the gate,
you can give them a wall. Now, how long can you stay still
on the track in this kind of heat before it's a problem for the car?
It's what, 30 seconds? They're not designed to be sit in around
too long, so… -I am.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. With all three guys saddled up,
they took their places on the start line. Ten-second board out, revving up. Casey Stoner, Jamie Whincup, Mark Webber. Australian champions on a track together. With three weapons. Lights out! And we're away! At the turn, Casey Stoner is on the money. Webber quickly pulled away, with his challenge being to lap
the other two by the end of the five-lap race. Jamie and Casey, meanwhile, got stuck
into giving each other a good fight And now back to our commentary box. Have a look at the difference
between the bike and the car as they come around that corner there
in the view. And Casey is actually making that rear end
of that bike very wide for Jamie. He is indeed. I'm surprised with just
how quickly Webb has got away. But then again, we shouldn't, really.
They have such powerful machines and a very, very light body. A lot of aero being put into these cars
nowadays, a maximum amount of grip as he goes through the back end
of the circuit. And it will be a little bit of a tussle
between Whincup and Stoner, I suspect, as we see Webber here.
Have a listen to this car, folks. There is nothing like an engine for that.
But over five laps, it's going to be so interesting
to see what have we got as far as a lap time difference
between them. And what have we got here
as far as lap time? We're looking at, what, a 50.57. Fifty-point-five for Webber
on the short circuit. Stoner goes across the line now
with a 1:07.14. So 17 seconds difference between the two And Whincup is right on him, though.
Look as they go around into turn one. Whincup is not letting him get away
all that easy. And he's still saying the bike
is a little bit hard to pass. So obviously, Casey is taking those lines And here we come,
Mark Webber again across the line. And one-hundredth-of-a-second
difference between those two left, so Webber's got that one
tailed in well and truly. The battle on between these two, as we said, Whincup finally,
a little bit hard to get past Stoner on these tighter turns And we can see starting to look in his
mirrors just going, "Where is he? "He's right behind me. He's in my draft,
not that there's much of it. And he's having an absolute
harder time to try and get through." This is just sensational stuff. It is sensational stuff, and now,
obviously, you were right with Mark Weber coming
across the line as we see Casey Stoner and Jamie Whincup
heading down the Brabham Straight. But will Mark catch them? There is no doubt. Have a look at this. You reckon he is gonna put them a lap down
on the final lap? Well, I just don't think it's gonna be long before he's right on the back
of Jamie Whincup. And let's just see how long it takes. This is the final lap now,
ladies and gentlemen. So it is now two cars. Of course,
the Formula One car, the V8 supercar, and it's now… What's that?
Casey Stoner is in front. Oh, that's interesting. He comes back, he's saying, "Can I find a way
through these two?" It's Red Bull, Red Bull and motorbike
at the moment in reverse order. We're looking to see if Webber
can find his way through, And I reckon he'll take him out at the top
end of the circuit here, John, as we see a little bit of the tires
as Whincup finally got through… on Stoner as they come around the back end
of the circuit. But have a look at the acceleration
difference and the similarity between the V8 supercar
and the Formula One. Check this out as they come to the
Brabham Straight, ladies and gentlemen. Look at this and raise your arms
up as we see history with Mark Webber, Jamie Whincup,
and of course, Casey Stoner. It's about to get loud, folks.
It's about to get smoking. Casey Stoner is letting it loose.

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