Supercars Drive Through The Worlds Biggest Mall!

Supercars Drive Through The Worlds Biggest Mall!


Dubai’s Supercars Majlis arranged for a Bugatti Chiron, Porsche 918 and approx. 13 others supercars to drive through the worlds largest shopping mall – The Dubai Mall in the middle of the night to surprise its visitors the next day with an amazing display! The next day I took the Aston Martin DB11 for a spin around Dubai.

my god that’s funny welcome to another vlog the reason why we are up at 1:20 in the morning is because there’s something happening this morning that you don’t get to see every single day as you can see we’ve just driven up and from the road which is another thing you don’t always get to do we’re here with supercars much alesse and we’re all now going to take off together towards to buy more and then you’re gonna see guys please please please please please this is very important I know we always say this but it’s extra specially important this time no revving guys there’s only one roll tonight no Remy everything else goes and you’ll see the Sheeran’s gonna be parked right smack bang in the middle and as soon as everyone can talk tomorrow morning and they’re gonna see all of these cars parked inside the wall are you ready and Basheer on is on its way it’s leading the pack along with the seven 20s and the nine one eight so we’re gonna head to the wall now and I’m just going to show you as I walk by this incredible lineup here is if you guys this is what it’s about guys where else in the world do you get these kind of lineup at 1:30 in the morning in the middle of the city and here’s DB 11 I’m driving this is why we’re almost no but it is totally worth it so these cars are going to be parked here for the next 24 hours so everyone in Dubai and whoever’s flown in from around the world can see these incredible cars this wall is the biggest mall it’s gonna get an amazing reception let’s take a look at where the cars are gonna be caught as you can imagine this takes like quite a lot of organization for these guys that’s a supercar Club like totally have the hook-up this is why we can do something like this how are you feeling are you let’s talk together how are you feeling about this event everything going to plan so far yeah for guitar have you ever done this before no the first time with a 16 17 cars for the Sheeran in the middle it’s insane insane and what’s the one who were tonight like you cannot we’ve added about 10 nice this never happens at one of the SEM club events usually everyone’s rubbing everyone time great time obviously we need to be super super careful this is a public area people are still milling around the mall isn’t open but there are still plenty of people yeah so thank you so much I know become do enough to be yeah and thank you so much for having me I’m gonna see you guys tomorrow tomorrow see you the bugatti is just getting set up here it’s gonna be center stage and then all around it in a circle and it’s gonna be all the other supercars so now it’s just past 2 a.m. everyone’s gonna spend about another hour or so here getting everything set up and then tomorrow when the mall opens people are gonna get an awesome surprise and then i’ll be back between 3:00 and 4:00 tomorrow just to see everyone and check out yeah what’s going on I think it’s gonna draw any I think it’s gonna join the cart dog it’s two right at the same time I don’t know what’s going on actually I think it’s gonna draw an incredible crowd so I’m gonna check out for tonight these guys have done an amazing job only supercars Manolis can pull something off like this and I’ll check in with you guys in the morning and I’m going to be driving the DP 11 around as well so I want to talk to you a little bit about that hi guys so it’s a – I’m just sitting down to the Dubai Mall now we’re gonna see all the cars set up in the hall and I’m going to meet a few people like whoever wants to come down and save life so it might be getting my please don’t kick me out off like you I want to official member of Supergirl actually number one no it’s number one let’s pretend if I ever get 720’s it’s gonna be in this I don’t know if you guys can see it looks a little bit blue in the camera but these boys different 720 so not see it that pretty much wraps up my spawn of them all we gonna hit off now in the TV 11 talk about that car a little bit was idly explaining so this is the v8 version of the CP 11 so there’s a v8 version and a v12 version so this is the v8 what’s interesting is the VA version actually has a Mercedes AMG engine so what we’re sitting on is like the same engine as an AMG c63s but it’s actually an Aston Martin so the v12 version is an in-house made engine so that that’s an Aston Martin engine so I thought that was quite interesting because you can see some of the Mercedes features here as well it’s got the infotainment system over Mercedes so this you can see is it’s Mercedes pretty well known like touchscreen here you’ll see this in like a GTS this touchscreen and this is kind of an entertainment system here as well so if you’ve seen the inside of the Mercedes some like a GTS or something this is very similar this wheel in this touchpad and this screen as well it’s very very similar so the Vanquish s lots of anchor chests you guys know that with that one you actually put the Aston Martin key in you insert it and that’s what starts the car but this this car doesn’t have it’s just got the key here and then the start/stop same with the bandage now same with the Vantage I mean it just depends not all lasts in Martin’s have like the insert key we’re sitting on over 500 horsepower so the v8 version has just over 500 horsepower v12 version has just over 600 horsepower okay look at the quality of this reverse camera that’s really nice you don’t get that in some you know super luxury supercars so that makes it easier I’ve got to go get some fuel so we’re going to keep it in just the normal GT mode and then once we’ve got some fuel we can brilliant and super sports we’re actually just filling up at a petrol station now when you’re in a new car you’ve always got to work out where the petrol tank button is remember we were stuck in which car was at remember we were stuck in one car for like 15 minutes because we didn’t know where the petrol button or we are to like get all the attendants to help us google it yeah we did that wasn’t embarrassing at all this one seems very easy yeah so I like it when there’s no petrol petrol tank bottom that’s the one petrol tank right yes don’t worry I’m losing words it’s fine that’s what I do so I’m just gonna fill up and then I want to show you guys help or some of these compounds and also look at these just while we’re waiting here this wood detailing inside I think it’s just stunning you know you get like super cars and it’s just about the drivers just about the experience just how the car feels to drive in a car like this it’s like the luxury as well you don’t always get this sense of overwhelming luxury and a lot of super cars so in something like this you’ve got the luxury and the the pace the performance so just take a look at this this kind of detailing here I think is just beautiful all here on the side doors as well and then you’ve got like a little arrow head to open the door that’s pretty cool I’ve never seen that before DV 11 backseats oh my jacket oh my jacket I was looking for that that’s good of course once we fill up with petrol I’ve got it in GT mode at the moment once we fill up for petrol I’m gonna switch this over so we’ll wait for that because of course it’s gonna sink some more petrol once we switch that over okay we’re just gotta wait here until someone comes and like fills up a tank high for super please got to show you one other detail that I really really like and that’s this center console here where you can hide some stuff look so this here it’s a nice little button beautiful would this one work oh no my bag so looking out little compartment here I just think this is really nice way to kind of hide your stuff away he’s prutte monkey were filled up now let’s switch her over at sports let’s go one over again sports plus baby Oh God where I go let’s go somewhere pretty because the sun’s going down so I’m gonna rev it now because I know you guys want to hear what it sounds like I would honestly be happy if I got to drive this car on a daily basis I absolutely love it it’s like a combination of comfort and speed in something like this you’re happy or I’m happy just to kind of sit there in comfort and not really push it as much as I know the car can go because I don’t really care if I get something like 1020 minutes later because I’m like sitting in luxury do you know do you get what I mean Google at the end you know my favorite noise on noise exhausts note I suppose you should say when you’re driving this car is actually when you’re going probably about 15 kilometers amazing the first time I switched it over to sports plus I didn’t really know what to expect but it surprised me I put my foot down I was like whoa okay kind of spun out a little bit at the back but it’s fine obviously traction control is on but it just gave me like that little like whoa this car has got power I’m really impressed with this car actually as I said I’d be happy to drive this fu K because of course like some cars awesome for speed and performance but not great to drive every day this kind of parts both so I’m really impressed so that’s pretty much it for the DB eleven and this weekend I’ve had such an amazing time meeting you guys seeing all these cars in the mall and driving this incredible DB 11 so I will see on the next vlog around you bye take care and thank you so much for watching please like and subscribe lots of love Thanks

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