Supercars Vs Golf Balls USA

Supercars Vs Golf Balls USA


Tanner, Rutledge and Adam drive three high-end cars from New England to New York City to present them to a mysterious celebrity buyer. : Rutledge gets a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster. Adam gets a Bentley Continental GTC. Tanner gets a 2011 Porsche Turbo S Cabriolet, (a turbo version of the Porsche 997). Challenge 1: Golf balls and toupees. Each driver would wear a wig with his car’s top down and try to outrun a golf ball being hit by a pro golfer. The winner would not only beat the golf ball to the finish line, but also keep the wig on his head.Taken from USA Series 2WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds: Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips.

we arrived for our first challenge where we’d also be getting our first clue to who our mystery celebrity was your celebrity client is a huge golf fan and has been described as one of the most well groomed stars in America to prove your supercar can haul ass to the golf course and keep a celebrity camera-ready you will race a golf ball hit by professional how you doing you must beat the golf ball 250 yards wearing the contents of the box holy crap Oh oh it’s just a rat’s nest yeah so it’s like a hairpiece it’s a human it’s a toupee our celebrity wears a toupee that could be anybody do you guys know how to take the tops down on your cars mm-hmm Oh oh it’s one of those it’s one of those okay one button be a button be just a button yeah artist ah-ha-ha I think that’s that that’s how it works really tight on me grant he knows his way around a 78 Volkswagen like nobody’s business hmm you get him around a $400,000 car it’s like going it’s like a it’s like a tent it’s a nice it’s a nice Airport Atlanta yeah part of a side I got part of the side oh well it shouldn’t be long now oh no it’s beeping did you know that butterflies on paper shouldn’t be able to fly really yeah because they don’t actually create lift it’s like bees either it’s really easy I just don’t I don’t know the trick to it instructions in Italian cause like I can call my grandmother she’ll read them to us you went to school for bugs yeah easy that was that took no time at all yeah you win what are you gonna do with that Oh guess it folds up come put this in your trunk hello I’m just gonna leave this over in the grass for a minute yeah I’m sure that’s a Lamborghini designed it it’ll be fine pull over put it on in the grass it’s fine since rut finished last we made him go first this is it I’m in an Italian supercar racing an American hitting a golf ball and I look like I’m Canadian you know the wig actually works with that car it kind of does let’s do it okay right here we go in three two one go straight out us yeah that’s not good damnit oh my gosh that thing’s fast yeah that’s really fast but useless lost his hair no good valiant try my friend I’ll be honest it was violent the suction is incredible I lost my shirt you’re up next okay look out for flying balls fellows look at this I feel like I’m mourning the loss of my husband so I took the money and bought a Bentley god I miss Lou if there’s any car that’s gonna keep the hairpiece of the Bentley that’s what I think but he’s not gonna get the golf ball no way that’s what this is all about I think doesn’t have enough power John you ready ready I weighed him in bend your knees follow through all right Adam here we go in three here we go come on come on come on come on here’s the ball here’s a bow haha I still got my hair wow it’s smoking didn’t it see I beat the ball which is much more important you lost huge balls gone what else all right but my hair’s on and I look good yeah but you’re late look if you want to show up on time with your hair get a Porsche you forgot your hair get a good look at it you’re gonna be wearing one of those about five more years Thanks hey it happens to a lot of guys not to me but happens a lot of guys it’s its genetic I’d like the ball to beat Tanner and for him to lose his hair is that possible I think so I hope so all right here’s the deal this is one of the fastest production cars on the planet if relish can beat that golf ball than I can beat that golf ball the problem is keeping the wig on so that’s why I’m gonna bring this up which will block the air from coming this direction but you know this kind of fits actually I used to have a hairdo like this when I was a ski bum in Vail except it was orange I tried to turn it blonde with you know the whole like hydrogen peroxide in the toilet but didn’t work out okay we’re good to go John Oh pressure is on here we go Tanner 3 2 1 was that a fist pump yeah girl power Emma Henry is still on Isay do this and he thinks he’s not a show-off yeah for the record yeah you look like Danny Bonaduce from The Partridge Family yeah what is this why did you put a windscreen up does yours not have one of those no no that would mean that it’s not suited for celebrity usage I’m afraid however you guys are clearly deflecting from the point not only did I blow the doors off the golf ball I also got there looking good you

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