Supercomputer for Audi: the driver is not needed?

Supercomputer for Audi: the driver is not needed?


The German premium brand plans to equip all its models with a special supercomputer. The special feature is that this system can control up to 90 various vehicle systems. Yet unknown the exact time when Audi will begin the introduction of new technology.

As automakers are rapidly developing automotive industry, introducing new and better technologies and innovations, new cars become more complex. In order to simplify the joint work of such advanced components, like powerplant, chassis and safety systems, the next generation of Audi cars will be “more evolved brain”.

This may sound like an oversimplification, but that’s exactly what’s going to come the German company Audi.

Today, the German automaker announced its plans to introduce a much more advanced computer called Integrated Vehicle Dynamics computer into all of its models. This supercomputer functions as the Central control tool for dynamic systems of the vehicle. The new Central computer system of the Audi is ten times stronger than that used in current models of the brand, and they will be able to manage up to 90 different systems, depending on the scope in the car.

The new computer will find its place in all Audi models, from the compact A3 to the massive crossover Q8, and a fully electric SUV E-Tron (pictured below). Audi claims that this speaks of the universality of dynamic computer because it is designed to work with cars “with any performance thresholds”.


In electric cars the Audi computer will track and manage these important systems, regeneration brake, which is up to 30 percent of the potential reserve battery. In the most powerful models of the company, which has index RS, cunning systems such as the stabilizer bar and the active suspension will also be controlled by a dynamic computer of the vehicle. This also marks the first occasion when the vehicle controls and the transmission will be placed in a single component – which, according to Audi, will bring more comfort and performance in its cars.

Audi did not specify when models will receive a new supercomputer, but the engineer of the automaker mentioned that the new component is ready for serial production, which means that the introduction of new technology will happen soon.

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