Supersonic car clocked up 800 km/h during the tests

Supersonic car clocked up 800 km/h during the tests


The project team Land Speed Record (LSR) was able to disperse the Bloodhound supersonic car almost 500 miles per hour during testing in the South African desert. A video roll published to YouTube.

This race was the sixth live test carried out by a team of LSR in the Kalahari desert in South Africa. Earlier, several hundred local residents manually cleared a huge area of salt marsh Hakskeenpan, removing with him more than 16 thousand tons of stones to make a 20-kilometer straight.

In the last race Bloodhound was able to accelerate to 491 mph (790 km/h). The aim for 2020 is to exceed the barrier of 800 mph (1287 km/h) and set the absolute speed record on earth.

The movement of the Bloodhound LSR causes the jet engine Rolls-Royce, which is installed on the fighter Eurofighter Typhoon. As a fuel pump stands five-liter petrol unit V8 supercar Jaguar F-Type R. the total output of the power plant is around 135 thousand horsepower.

Is there a benefit from records of this kind?

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