Surprise ending: the father and the son Lamborghini printed on a 3D printer

Surprise ending: the father and the son Lamborghini printed on a 3D printer


The new year is a time of miracles! In this article we are talking about the Backus family, who decided to create a copy of the Italian supercar Aventador S. Here’s how it happened, during the next game in the racing simulator, 11-year-old Xander Backus, who only loves racing it on the coupe Aventador, played with his father sterling. Xander asked his father if they could build a real Italian supercar, and being the coolest dad in the world, sterling said that “nothing is easier” and the ambitious project began. Since then, it took a year and a half, and work on the machine is far from over. This is a truly touching story for everyone, and I heard about her in the company of Lamborghini.

The Italian automaker has heard about family and Becus about their special project to create a replica of the Aventador is constructed mainly using 3D printing.


It was decided to send a film crew to Colorado to take on the family video, but they also sent something else – a brand new Aventador S. As you can see from the video at the top of the article, the car is secretly changed in the garage early in the morning. Obviously, nobody in the family knew what was going on in the garage. The expression of the young Xander, when the garage opens, speaks volumes. Friends, you are watching the dream of 11-year-old child!

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The company’s management decided not to give the Aventador’s is called, “always on”, the machine was leased to the family for a couple of weeks, exclusively for their enjoyment. Some of you may be tempted to be angry at the Italian company for what they have done so since childhood dream. Here’s the thing, the car here is not a real gift. To fulfill the boy’s dream – that’s the real purpose of this act, and, as a father, I can say that there is no greater purpose for me to fulfill the dream of your child.

Do You believe in miracles?

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