Surprise Marriage Proposal!!

Surprise Marriage Proposal!!


My little sister Kate visited me in Dubai this week and had no idea that a massive surprise was waiting for her. Welcome Nathan to our family we love you!My Family – Follow me on:Music by:Love Generation by KolektivoWouldn’t Leave Love Alone by Charlie PeacockMy Family My Love by Charlie PeacockLove feat. Ehsan Matoori by Mike BlockAll My Love – Lauren EvansMime out of Lime by Brent BourgeoisCat Dance by Man Delorean

something else going on here today in this vlog big secret what’s up supercar blending here and I have at some family in town little Katie waiting Nathan maybe is that right yes boyfriend let’s go for voice toward young kings alright so this is my little sister Katie Lowes and her boyfriend Nathan you might remember them from our family vlog if you haven’t yet seen it go check it out the links in the bio just here alright we have got a rolls how beautiful is this because of course these guys can’t see in low C so we’re going to leave Lucy home today okay he’s too fat so we had to get a bigger car alright guys so this is a convertible all right we’re use coming up here’s the closed door button you always show for your more important sister I know whatever you call yourself the younger better-looking more talented I always take your diamond shopping in a Rolls Royce I don’t drive I guess alright getting it car let’s go it’s ridiculous I like yo I love Rolls Royce I have to say like one day I really really it’s just like driving on a cloud that’s the only way I can ex describe it I also like girls I’d take on babes would you give me a rose yes right answer today we’re driving to the golden diamond park in Dubai and having a look at diamonds cuz I think Nathan wants to get okay a diamonds shopping for a diamond or potentially a husband yeah just pick up a defensive attack each other Kate wants Nathan to eventually at some point propose to her so and Kate doesn’t trust Nathan’s choice of engagement rings so okay is going to choose what she wants as an engagement ring today maybe if I’m lucky I might get something – what do you think Nick No yeah we’ve been dating for over four years now and what I what so attractive about it Kendra doesn’t lawyer doesn’t lie that’s true that’s true the camera please very humble so she loves that humble his motor status a dozen moving water tracksuit everything come on what’s the hesitation what’s up uh she’s am a drunk Rika have you ever met The Bachelor this is real life bachelor right there yeah true dating what date this might end up and with the break-up this boat yeah you have to keep those weights waiting for the final rose doo-doo-doo-doo doodly-doo teacher something else going on here today in this vlog it’s a big big secret how’s that make you feel thank you nervous I really like Vegemite on toast yeah that’s what you’re gonna be living on that’s huge but haha you’re funny that’s definitely way to be no success principles Nathan Nathan Nathan yeah what’s about to happen here I propose the Kate holy crap it successfully set her up boy having a terrible ring shopping experience and it’s amazing yeah no idea she’s completely clueless there’s gonna be the best cuz she hates surprises so you just went diamond shopping yep and she doesn’t know he actually caught something already hmm I bought something in Australia yep get it in luggage and it’s departed so supercar blondies wit Kate right now taking her in the rules here she thinks girls night of drinks not the rest of her life with me we’re gonna have a hidden camera set up and make sure we get that all in camera and we have some tricks ooh yeah it takes it to trade it’s got a hidden microphone so we can capture it all it’s all for them of course not for the YouTube following make sure you like and subscribe they’ll come through there and then at some point she will discover the red carpet here and you’ll be standing here and then you head onto the yacht and go on from there yeah so Ciroc like boom lucky girl unlucky go anyone else notice she’s here she’s here hey babe you are the lemon tomorrow is the the Salta muy bonita you have the most incredible person that’d be my best friend and I you might be so happy and I promise to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me okay will you marry me sorry nice congrats guys you guys have your employment I love you sorry I was looking for our night together off the caution are all together I know so you guys know broken and imperfect I broke the Garter right she it was unusual beautiful we may cover Oh congratulations guys welcome to the family Nathan he can’t choose the in-laws we love you Nathan and we are so happy that you make our sister so happy and Kade love you so much and I just made me feel so I’m like Edie just and excited you are when when he proposed or when you knew it was happening your eyes are just like oh my god I see it it’s just the moment I remember feeling like that myself so I’m just so happy that it all worked out I love you both so so much and all the best for your marriage

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