Surprising Cleaner With Biggest Tip!

Surprising Cleaner With Biggest Tip!


We surprised this awesome guy with his annual salary in cash 💴. Such an awesome moment ☺️❤️

so this is so you’re on my youtube channel say hi where are you from from bangladesh okay awesome and you’ve been living in dubai for how long you’ve been 10 years in japan oh wow 10 or 10 years you’ve been working here yeah exactly what is the biggest tip you will receive from during your ten years car washing well how big is the biggest case someone gave you a stick you know thunder 10 grams what’s the biggest the biggest in your 10 years maybe 100 your family’s in bangladesh the one ah lucky wife all right okay thank you that’s nice that’s nice so just while you’re doing such a good job i just want a person 20 dirhams plus 80 dm that’s for you that’s for you yeah that’s for you yeah yeah thank you um how much do you normally make like in a month what’s your monthly salary salary and i had market maybe i would like because you worked so hard and you do such a fantastic job i would like to give you a month’s salary as a tip yeah this is for you thank you thank you so much you’re most welcome so what will you do with the money you send it back yeah yeah yeah okay so if you make about a month how much year salary yeah all right okay all right ismail i would love to do this for you because you’re such a kind guy so i would like to give you your entire annual salary what are you gonna do with it okay you

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