​@David Guetta – Watch the concert live here – / I meet up with music sensation David Guetta in Dubai. He’s a car fan, so I surprise him with the super rare Philip Plein Mansory Star Trooper (special thanks to the owner, you know who you are). He’s got the most epic concert happening in Dubai LIVE from the Burj Al Arab. We sing to some of his most famous songs and talk about which car he should buy once he gets his driver’s license. Enjoy guys! xo Alex

up it’s super right here with the one and only david guetta how freaking cool is this so david’s in dubai and you’ve actually got a massive concert happening tomorrow on saturday you guys on the top of bourgeois the helipad right yeah it’s gonna be spectacular that’s gonna be insane so you’re gonna literally be sitting in the middle of the hilly pad with your kit and broadcasting live around the world yeah and we’re trying to do something good you know we’re collecting money from yeah doing the koveed yes you can see it on david getter’s youtube channel and his facebook page okay guys so you can get the links to both of those channels right underneath this video thank you for the support yeah it’s gonna be awesome i’m gonna be there they’re raving amazing so you like cars right i’m gonna tell you the real story you wanna drive obviously we’re getting the secrets are you gonna laugh at my age but i’m in the middle of of doing my driving license again yes we need the real story behind why you lost the license it was just like uh you know uh one white line uh this is what i wanted to show you actually i brought you a super special car come on over there are only seven of these in the entire world okay okay now this one is unique in itself so even though there are seven made this one will not look like any of the other seven this is actually based on the g63 right the mercedes you know the boxy you know mercedes there you go but what they’ve done is look they’ve actually teamed up with philip klein ah okay and it’s done by mansory so mansory kind of kits it out if you know what i mean so they put on all the carbon fiber and all of the air intakes and all of the cool stuff down here you know so and it’s actually called the star trooper this one star wars star wars okay it’s kind of like got that vibe to it you know this is worth about three times the price of the average g63 isn’t that mad come let me show you inside oh we need the key where’s the key peeps do i have the key oh yeah i do okay here we go wait i’m gonna start her off oh wow okay it’s super pimped it’s got philip pliner everywhere it’s got the man sorry it’s got all of this carbon fiber and look at these seat belts it’s like a philippine belt you could actually get that around your jeans couldn’t you you got to hear this too oh wow that i love now look at this press that button right there it opens up the exhaust really i love it isn’t that mad we got some cracks people look at this though you’ve got some you’ve got some like a little starlight roof and a rolls royce yeah press this one press one but just get ready for a little mini heart attack okay and then you have to press it again to turn it off okay it’s it’s really loud isn’t it they’ve taken out the back seat since the g wagon oh that’s cool yeah and it’s a peacock so when you open this as well which is nice you could actually do a set in here and i drive oh my god guys you can’t see this but he’s hanging on for dear life he’s like i’ve got a concert tomorrow i can’t die today no but it’s crazy the power i’m feeling it is how crazy is that guys david is like behind some of the biggest hits in the world in the world like his music is absolutely epic so let’s just play one i’ve always loved music okay oh it just goes through you this is gonna be the sound of your show tomorrow this is awesome so we can expect more of this tomorrow night you guys a lot of bad sounds 6 p.m dubai time 6 p.m and you can find the link to his broadcast it’s gonna go live from the burj al-arab hilly pad doesn’t so can you actually sing no okay i’m the worst oh my god you’re not gonna make me sing first this is like impossible to make me see actually you kind of paved the way for djs and producers to become just as famous as singers well let’s say it wasn’t something uh common when i started because uh producers would not put their names you know and they’re kind of in the background and i remember when i started you know um people were like but why is your name on the cover when you’re not singing i was like well you know why shouldn’t it be if we make the music yeah you know and we compose we we take the record from zero to the end yeah uh you know work with some writers to write a song and then we we bring into an artist yeah okay why not you know it doesn’t feel that crazy to me it feels like 80 of the song is so wait hey exactly that’s such a big song right kelly was the rollins celebrity uh artist that came to me this is the first time i made a song it’s a famous famous artist okay so on that note so let’s swap into the next one here we go that’s my latest one together we did it in confinement oh did you realize yeah so where did you record this well i was in miami yeah she was in l.a how cool is that the the guy doing the guitars was in montreal nowhere and the guy playing the keys was in amsterdam imagine and we were all online together that is amazing what a story and look at what you ended up with it’s amazing so are we going to hear this tomorrow night yes but a remix because everything i played on my show it’s always an exclusive version because i want my shows to be unique yes so okay yeah exactly yeah okay so this is your latest which i love mercedes okay do you ever get sick of listening to your own songs i never listen to my own songs unless i’m playing them so it reminds you of good stuff oh yeah this is such an amazing amazing memory how good is this guys all right what have i done yeah this i mean everyone knows this you you’re from australia yes she’s also from australia you know and you you come up with her quite a lot yeah yeah i love seattle i was gonna say like who’s your favorite person yes yes really what is it about sia that you love so much well she’s not only an amazing singer but one of the best songwriters in the world yeah and i love because you know i love playing chords and having the person um writing at the same time so she kind of writes her own melody over what are you what do you like what’s your vibe car wise sporty i like aston martin oh i’m more like a james bond uh not too flashy but still you know kind of cool it has it has to have a couple of cool like things exactly it’s got like a rolls royce i love this my friend had the uh you know the two doors uh a little more aggressive on the wraith yes it is my favorite i love this it’s not super flashy but it’s a little bit rock and roll exactly you know exactly i think that might be a good choice for you all right i think we’ve decided have we well i’ve had so much fun thank you so so much for being here thank you for the advising for my next car i can’t wait to see it so maybe the next time we meet up i can go take your car shopping and um we can buy you a car that sounds good that would be cool right i’m sure you have some good deals yeah i do i’ll hook you up this has been awesome guys so make sure you go check out his concert and we can all jam together it’ll be so much fun david you are an absolutely thank you what a start wow that’s it you guys what is it amazing so good so we’ve actually worked out what david is going to buy as soon as he gets his license and yeah just make sure to go check out his concert we’re all going to jam together tomorrow night it’s going to be so much fun david you’re an absolute champion thank you congratulations for everything you do thank you and youtube you too oh my god what an awesome day all right guys we’re out make sure to subscribe to the channel and make sure to go and check out david guetta’s channel as well go and subscribe that’s we’re going to hear all of his latest hits and also on his facebook page as well go check it out guys all right love you we’re out bye you

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