I surprised Jeffery Star with a crazy UFO car!Special thanks to (@Petersen Automotive Museum ) and (@driveH2) for the car! Check out their auction for the car here Thanks to Jeffree! You can follow him here @jeffreestar #jeffreestar #driveH2

our job as farmers is to feed the world and that’s plain and simple my grandfather was a sheep rancher and then ventured out and started growing rice and then my dad started farming gosh it would be in the mid 70s pretty much if you name a letter we grow something in it arugula beats cucumbers just keep going down the line to zucchini and now we’re 4 200 acres of almonds and walnuts my dad’s my primary teacher seeing my drive and taking what he’s built and building it larger just makes him happy i was 25 when i came out the future looked very dim i didn’t think being a farmer was a possibility the first person i told was my dad it was a phone call i was a mess and uh i can’t exactly remember his words but the gist of it was i don’t care i just want you to be happy and within a year i had met andrew no one had ever had my heart like that that’s going on 15 years now did i ever think i’d live on a farm no i didn’t know much about agriculture and certainly didn’t know where a lot of my food came from i had drug in my parents true story farmers have a lot of responsibilities and especially farmers like leon if he doesn’t see something that needs to be done he goes and finds things that need to be done everything i do in life i want to leave a positive impact i have no siblings and so all of it falls on my shoulders i want to continue my father’s legacy it was a dream of mine to always have kids never thought in a million years that it would be in the cards for me but we didn’t give up it is life’s greatest joy as a farmer there’s always new challenges you have to persevere that’s pretty much your coming out experience as well you have to be brave i love the country i love my family i love being a farmer you

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