Surprising my employee with a lifetime savings of cash!

Surprising my employee with a lifetime savings of cash!


A very special employee of mine has been saving up to send her son to college. I want to take this weight off her shoulders with this surprise. 😊Thank you so much for all your hard work Avelina ❤️❤️

look at this guys this is an entire college fund for a very special employee of mine now what we’ve done is we’ve set up these lights she thinks we’re filming a documentary so all my employees are going to come through this store for their interviews but that’s all for show it’s actually all about her and this surprise all right it’s going to be a massive surprise for her i’m going to put it in this box here all right her name is avelina she comes from the philippines she’s 50 years old and she has moved to dubai to save up enough cash to send her son to college so this is all of that cash this is going to cover her son’s college which i’m super excited to show her i’m excited about this i’m excited aveline does not stop working she’s a machine she deserves every bit of the surprise she’s always so happy to see us she’s always got a beautiful smile on and she’s just so welcoming she’s the heart and soul of this office she would probably spend more time on camera but alex gets very jealous what i appreciate about emily is how hard she works and how positive her energy is every day all right i’m about to give her the cash guys i just want to say she means so much to me i couldn’t do what i do today without her she’s been working with me for two and a half years and she does everything she runs around town doing errands she does the pa admin work she even cleans the office and she makes food for us all she even takes care of my dogs when we travel so she is so integral to the supercar body family oh i describe her like she’s a kind woman and she she always make sure that you are happy i have two sons and my eldest is uh 29 years old already and then the second one is uh 15. now it’s almost three years that i have been seeing ascendant but the connection through online is always i mean every day almost and do you think they’re jealous that you can work with supercar blogging well they are the time that they’ve known that my boss is super bloody yes they’re really jealous like they want they want to be a part of this job sorry to interrupt these flowers are for you thank you thank you and actually this is not a documentary everyone’s interviews have been fake today and and this is actually a video to appreciate you because we love you so much and you’ve done such amazing work for us over the last two years so no we love you and thank you thank you and so i want to give you this as well this is a gift oh or to help you build the house that you want back home i know thank you thank you we really appreciate you honestly he loves you aveline’s been talking to us about you know even setting up a house back home so she can rent it out to students and you know we we appreciate you so much that you’ve had to leave your family behind and work with us in order to earn money and take it back to your family so we just wanted to help you out a little bit with that but don’t leave us i need you okay thank you guys so much you

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