SUV and sedan Pininfarina will appear until 2022

SUV and sedan Pininfarina will appear until 2022

For these purposes, the famous Italian Studio will unite with the renowned automaker.

A few months ago Automobili Pininfarina created a sensation in Geneva, showing the ultrafast, heavy-duty and super-expensive model Battista – electric hypercar with a capacity of 1 874 HP and cost $ 2.2 million. It is planned to release 150 copies of the model. The company, owned by Mahindra, is hoping to diversify its range at the expense of something more accessible by running electric sedan and SUV in the coming years.


Automobili Pininfarina has no plans to develop a platform for electric vehicles from scratch, and unite with another carmaker to accelerate the design process and reduce costs. The plan is to operate with a first tier supplier, and then try to sell the equipment to other companies to return part of the investment money.

The newly developed architecture supports a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 100 and 125 kWh, which allow you to drive vehicles up to 600 KS on a single charge. The head of the Italian company Michael Perske noted that it will not contact the Volkswagen Group to try to buy the rights to use the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), which is currently being developed by Porsche and Audi, because it will not allow you to equip electric SUV ample clearance.

Automobili Pininfarina would like to build these two vehicles in Italy, but Perske noted that they received “many requests” from authorities of other countries, who want to help the company to produce sedan and SUV with zero emissions at the local level.


If all goes according to plan, the car will go on sale within three years and will cost from 200 thousand to 400 thousand euros.

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In conclusion, Perske said that Pininfarina had already received deposits or “stated interest” for almost half Battista, scheduled for production. Assembly of electric hypercar with its four-engines will start at the end of next year.

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