SUV Caravan Challenge | Series 22 | BBC

SUV Caravan Challenge | Series 22 | BBC


The team put their SUVs through their paces by testing them with caravans acting as ballasts. Who will come out with the least damage…?From , Series 22 Episode 8Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

Three, two, one, go! Here we go. Testing, testing has begun. I'm now unleashing
the 134 horsepower Vauxhall Vectra engine. Sadly, though,
Leisure Stig's driving was so slow that soon he was causing
a bit of a traffic jam. Why have they given me
such a massive caravan? This is hopeless. Well, it could be worse. I can feel the downforce
from my "a ballast" and it's good. I've gone wrong. It's hopeless.
I've crashed into myself! I mustn't be overtaken or I'm out. Using the power of the mighty Frontera,
I caught up with Hammond and tried to take him on the inside, which meant going onto the surface
designed to test suspension. Oh, this bit's even worse! Total chaos and I've lost
all the ground I made up there! Because Leisure Stig was so slow,
even James was getting impatient. Juddering, buffeting. Come on, Pinin! And violent. Oh, yes! He's losing the wheel. Massive error by the Stig.
Smoke is pouring off. Right, this time, Hammond,
you're going down! Oh, no! Then Hammond made an error. I'm on the rough stuff. Oh, this is impossibly… Oh, yeah. I'm sorry, Hammond.
We have overtaken you. You are out. I think I've lost a wheel now.
A lot of sparks. It's… it's barely controllable,
if I'm honest. Oh, now I can see the problem here. Meanwhile, my race was going well. Yes, I've just done James May. He's somehow ended up on the infield. That was a catastrophic mistake. But sadly, I overcooked it
trying to take Leisure Stig. Lost my brakes completely! With 20 laps completed,
Leisure Stig had given up. Hammond still thought
he was in the contest… and I had a problem. Steam coming from the front
of the Frontera. Things are not good in the Vauxhall. Yes, here we go, I can have him. Come on! Uh-oh! It's tight. It's tight at the back. Manoeuvre attempt by Jeremy Clarkson. He's up the bank. I think we might have lost sight
of the rules of this race slightly. The producers had come
to the same conclusion. So, we were told to abandon
the oval test track… and report to the drag strip, where we would see which car
could get from nought to 60 and then back to nought again
in the shortest possible distance. -It's a good test, this.
-Yeah. It is, 'cause it measures acceleration
and braking all in one go. Absolutely. Leisure Stig went first
to lay down a benchmark and, as he was mid-run,
Jeremy noticed something. If you don't stop in time… Yeah, your day suddenly gets a lot worse. -Wetter.
-Colder. Luckily for Leisure Stig, the Kia Sportage
stopped well short of the pond. And once this point had been marked, Hammond took his position
on the start line. I think he's had
a bit of a hair transplant. Just look at his fringe. Seriously, look at his fringe
when he gets out. You don't have your fringe
transplanted, do you? Well, remember Rooney,
when he had that forestation job done? You have a look. Okay, there's no putting this off.
Here we go. Come on, everything you've got, Jeepie,
I need you to get to 60 quick. Forty. Oh, my God. I'm coming up to the Stig's… -Oh, my God.
-On the brakes, that's all I've got. That's all I've got. Oh, I can't brake any harder than that. Did a bit of excrement come out? I had to use all of the brakes, I mean… And you hadn't actually started braking
before you got to the Stig's stop time? No. That was a bit of a worry, as Hammond's Jeep was much faster
than my wounded Vauxhall. Here we go! Yes! It's a flying start
from Luton's finest! Five thousand RPM! Five-and-a-half. Looking good. There's the Stig's marker. And there's 60. Wow! Holy mother of God, that was close!
Oh, no. Do not pretend you've got clean pants,
because I know you haven't. Many poos shot out of my ani. I didn't enjoy my near-death experience,
but in truth, James enjoyed it even less. My car is faster than your car
and its brakes are not bad. And I very nearly went
into the muddy pool of effluent. Didn't you? -My car's very light.
-Yeah. Still clutching at straws, I began my run. Here we go. It is a test of acceleration and braking
and he has neither of those things. No, he doesn't. Oh, come on. Still accelerating. Thirty… Thirty-five. Still accelerating. Forty-five. Well, he can't get to 60, can he? Fifty. Fifty-two. Bollocks. -Oh, it's sinking.
-Well, it was… -He was committed.
-Help! -Yes.
-He was determined to reach 60. But he didn't, did he? Ah, God, it's chuffing freezing! You went a bit far. Can we just get a flag
to mark his position? Don't just stand there, you idiots!
It's filling up! James, I've looked at the situation
and there's nothing we can do.

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