SUV from Ferrari details about “thoroughbred stallion” from Maranello

SUV from Ferrari details about “thoroughbred stallion” from Maranello


Debut cross Corporation Ferrari under the name of Purosangue will be developed based on the new supercar Roma GT with a front engine. This was reported by Auto Express, based on the chief engineer of the Italian brand Michael Leiters.

The novelty will get the same design of the front end as the “donor”, and the back part, like the 4-seater supercar GTC4 Lusso with large rear doors and increased space for Luggage.


Prednamerennoe layout of the Ferrari GT Roma involves the use of motors with 6,8 and 12 cylinders. It is assumed that the cross Purosangue will complement the hybrid power unit based on the V8 engine with two turbines. For example, luxury cars Roma GT is a 3.9-liter “eight” develops 620 HP and 760 Nm. With the machine functioning in the 8-band “robot” with two clutches.

Presentation of the production Ferrari Purosangue will take place in 2021-m. under the assumptions, the cost of the crossover will start from 230 000 euros.

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