SUV Geely Atlas Pro will get a new type of all-wheel drive

SUV Geely Atlas Pro will get a new type of all-wheel drive


Geely will experience on Atlas Pro new type all-wheel drive, where the connection of the rear axle responsibility to do the electrovoice.

SUV Geely Atlas Pro will feature a new AWD system with an electric motor on the rear axle. Public premiere of the new SUV with technology 48G BSG had to organize a couple of days, what in his twitter account said PR-Director of the global office of the brand ash Sutcliffe. Later, however, as the site says “Chinese cars”, the above tweet was deleted. Probably the premiere of a new all-wheel drive system will be transferred.

In General this kind of “hybrid” all-wheel drive e-4WD for modern industry – a phenomenon familiar. However, Geely is new. It works like this: standard-liter-motor is responsible for the front wheels, and the system 48G BSG back.


With the new system cross should be two times cheaper than conventional Geely Atlas. Claimed fuel consumption for each “hundred” run – 6.4 liters. At the details of the new ending.

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