SUV Lynk Co 06 opened a brand platform, BMA

SUV Lynk Co 06 opened a brand platform, BMA


“Zero-six” joined the SUV 01 and 02, the 03 sedan and coupe 05. Hatchback 04 got lost somewhere, though unified with him our hero. Dimensions: 4340x1820x1625 mm, base – 2640.

The fifth model of the brand Lynk & Co is officially presented, but without detailed specifications and price tags. It is confirmed that the subcompact Lynk & Co 06 – the first car brand on the platform of the BMA (it is already used by two of the Geely SUV: Icon and Binyue/Coolray). Petrol turbotron 1.5 paired with semidiapazonnym “robot” produces 177 HP, 265 Nm. Have plug-in hybrid PHEV three-cylinder engine helps 60-kilowatt electric motor (82 HP, 160 Nm). Total return is not named, but it is clear that benzoelektrosila “zero sixth” consumes 4.8 l/100 km and passing the electric range of 55 km.

Bifurcated issue is the prerogative of the hybrid (a conventional “zero-six” pipes hidden), but the charging port is nowhere in sight. Lights with Y-neck design, the brand has applied for the first time. The rims with five spokes wearing tires Continental UltraContact UC6 (225/45 R19).


The architecture of the interior is atypical for Lynk & Co, as it is the same as Korea and Ikona. Both screens have a diagonal of 10.25 inches. The modes of transmission switches push the joystick, surrounded by a console in the form “P”. Krutilki customizable climate control.

Bright “sporty” accents and panels of fabric resembling denim, say that the newcomer is aimed at a young audience. Lynk & Co 06 will be the smallest available in the range, until the hatch 04. Probably, index 07 will get three-row SUV, stretched from the “zero-first”. For model 08 and 09 there is not even a hint. Europe promised only one crossover 01: at the end of the year it will be possible to sign in the Netherlands.

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