SUV Subaru Ascent onto the world market

SUV Subaru Ascent onto the world market


SUV Subaru Ascent, which originally created the Japanese carmaker to implement in the markets of North America, entering the global market.

The first country, where in addition to the North American market will be available this dimensional crossover, will be the Philippines. Then the company plans expansion into other markets of this Southeast Asian region. In America, the vehicle appeared in the fall of 2018, in the Philippines, the SUV will be called the Subaru Evoltis, so was the model in 2019 for sales in the domestic market of that state.


The machine is built on the platform of the SGP, which is characterized by a nearly three-meter wheelbase and ground clearance of 220 mm. as the power plant will use a gasoline turbo engine with 260 horsepower. Motor works in tandem with a CVT gearbox variable speed type. The crossover has all-wheel drive system.

In the United States the machine is equipped with a climate control system to regulate the temperature regime and air. In the presence of a panoramic roof, steering wheel heated. The cabin is equipped with modern multimedia complex. The car is equipped with a security system EyeSight.

Wish Mirai was brought to Askent?

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