Suzuki and Toyota will release an affordable crossover

Suzuki and Toyota will release an affordable crossover


Suzuki and Toyota, who have been working closely together since 2019, are working together on a new global model. According to Indian Autocar, it will be a mid-size crossover with an electric propulsion system, surpassing the Hyundai Creta in size. Each brand will release its own version, but they will only differ in nameplates and styling. The car will be manufactured in India and is planned to be exported after the debut, scheduled for 2025.

The crossover, so far codenamed YY8, will get a futuristic appearance that is different from other Toyota and Suzuki models. Particular attention in Autocar was paid to unusual dimensions for India: YY8 will be longer than four meters and therefore will not be subject to local tax benefits. The car will be 4275 mm long, 1880 mm wide and 1640 mm high. Wheelbase YY8 will be quite large – 2700 mm. The new SUV will weigh 1728 kg in all-wheel drive.

The novelty will be based on the 27PL skateboard platform, a version of Toyota’s 40PL global architecture designed for compact electric vehicles. The base YY8 will be mono-drive with a single 138-horsepower electric motor, while an all-wheel-drive version with a twin-motor setup producing up to 170 horsepower will serve as an alternative.

In the first case, the equipment will include a 48 kilowatt-hour battery, which will provide up to 400 kilometers of travel without recharging, and in the second case, the capacity will be 59 kilowatt-hours, and the power reserve will increase to 500 kilometers. It is expected that the batteries for the crossover will be produced in India, which will significantly save on production.

The term for the appearance of the “commodity” YY8 is 2025. The crossover was originally conceived as a global model, but potential markets have not yet been named. But the estimated cost is known – 13-15 lakhs or 17,400-20,100 dollars.

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