Suzuki built an unusual concept car Waku Spo

Suzuki built an unusual concept car Waku Spo


The Suzuki company built an unusual concept car Waku Spo, which transformirovalsya the body. At the same time this car is a coupe, and station wagon.

Externally, the car refers to the era of 60-70-ies, when Japan was a popular square urban runabout. In support of retro style on the front fenders mounted mirror rear view, as many old “Japanese”, only in the case of the concept instead of the camera.

In the original version, the car is a two-door coupe with two “poludverki”, which are installed in the rear and open facing to the rear passengers easier to get to the salon. If the owner requires more space in the back, or there is a need to transport cargo, the vehicle can be turned into a station wagon. For this behind the rear struts installed glass curved panel which increases the Luggage compartment, and allows to move back the second row seats.


The salon also made in a rather minimalist style: it is decorated in coffee and gray tones, and the center console had a few of the switches. But on the front panel, three touch display, which fill the space. However, you can close the wooden panel to mean only the “tidy” and a small information display in the Suzuki believe that the possibility of such a transformation makes Waku Spo attractive to young people and the age of the audience.

Detailed information about the technical equipment of the concept car yet – the Japanese company has said only that it will be a rechargeable hybrid, equipped with all-wheel drive system. The official premiere will be held in the framework of the motor show in Tokyo, which opens to the press on 20 October.

Good idea? You could use a machine that is also a coupe and a station wagon?

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