Suzuki Jimny turned into a radically low pickup

Suzuki Jimny turned into a radically low pickup


At the motor show in Tokyo, is devoted to the tuning, showed drastically low pickup Suzuki Jimny, with no doors. On car working students at a Japanese technical College NATS.

Instead of lowering frame SUV, the students were taken as a basis hatchback Suzuki Alto Lapin which set body parts from a Jimny last generation, including the entire front part of the car from contacting the windshield. In the rear part there are hinged kung, so the car can be considered a pickup.


In addition very low Suzuki Jimny was equipped with a winch and a roof rack for transporting extra set of wheels. In a 2-bed cabin features a roll cage, racing seat and steering wheel for easy boarding folds up.

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A bunch of you guys asked me to go back to the Nats Easy Camper for more shots. So this thing is not actually a Jimny. It actually started life as a Suzuki Lapin. #hoonigan #hooniganautofocus #autofocuslarrychen #autofocus #tas2020 #tas20 #lifeofchen #sirplease

Publication from Larry Chen (@larry_chen_foto)11 Jan 2020 at 6:15 PST

Also, with understated Jimny at the exhibition were shown the opposite version of Bigfoot. The work on which students have completed in the autumn of last year. The SUV got a lift-kit, suspension, big wheels and the outer frame security. He also has a shelter which is tilted together with the whole roof.

Low or Liptovsky Jimny was more cool?

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