Suzuki Jimny will be bigger and better plus 2 doors

Suzuki Jimny will be bigger and better plus 2 doors


A new generation of small Japanese SUV has a chance to turn the whole car market. The reason was likely the Suzuki deviation from previous canons. The brand decided to make the model more customers, expanding the palette of body modifications.

In 2018, Suzuki Jimn helped himself to a change of generation. And the new generation managed to remain a bestseller. Perhaps the Japanese still want to whet the interest of buyers? The mass of the tuning packages from the original, to plagiate also did our bit. Who wouldn’t want to stylize a little Japanese under Gaelic or range? Only the Jimny will be more nimble for the city. Little fuel consumption, stylish appearance and willingness to travel daily guaranteed. There is only the question whether pyatidverka equipped with a different engine? Or it will get range from short stack.


Posted a render of the five-door Suzuki Jimny became a product designer Nikita Chuiko. His SUV is painted in the same bright yellow hue. Color designer borrowed from the original three-door Suzuki Jimny. Still angular face of the body preserved. If Suzuki wants to expand the mass production of the Jimny? The question is the place to be, but many motorists genuinely believe in the appearance of the Jimny.

Immediately after the announcement, to the offices of Suzuki worldwide received a massive request for the production of the pickup and piatidnevnoi SUV Jimny. Perhaps the leadership of the brand and listen to the desire of consumers. Yet we will sell only limited edition trehdverki. The reason for the limitations were the inability of the conveyor to provide those wishing Suzuki worldwide

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