Suzuki Jimny will pass environmental standards of Europe

Suzuki Jimny will pass environmental standards of Europe


The company may reclassify Suzuki model Jimny on the European market. The fact that from 2021 the European Union will begin to act strict requirements on emissions of CO2 that an SUV does not match. The solution was simple: the Jimny will remain in Europe only as a commercial vehicle that will allow you to circumvent the new standards.

One possible way out is to change the status of the model. At the beginning of last year, UAZ did a similar trick with the Hunter model. Then the SUV has changed its name to UAZ 2924 and was certified by category N1G – as cargo all-terrain vehicles with a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes. It gave automakers the opportunity to avoid the requirements of the “passenger” certification, in particular not to put on the model bag.


However, in the case of the Jimny is a bit more complicated, as some amendments to certification documents in Europe is not enough. The company will have to get rid of the back of the sofa, leaving the car’s only room for one passenger and driver. However, Suzuki is the second variant – to replace a-liter “aspirated” to a more environmentally friendly engine, e.g. turbo 1.4 Boosterjet which is put including the “Vitara”, or offer a hybrid modification. But it will take much more time.

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