Suzuki Misano concept crossed electric car with motorcycle

Suzuki Misano concept crossed electric car with motorcycle


An electric roadster (speedster, barquette) with a length of about 4000 mm is named after the Italian autodrome Misano and “unites two worlds”: cars and motorcycles. The latest Misanos have a T-shaped steering wheel and a passenger seat behind the driver’s back. The LED headlights and S-shaped rims indicate that the concept was created with the help of the Suzuki Italia technical center at the Institute of European Design in Turin (IED Torino).

The diploma project under the supervision of two mentors was prepared by 24 students of the master’s degree in transport design from Albania, Belgium, Israel, India, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Turkey and France. Construction assistance was provided by EDAG. Sponsored by Pirelli and OZ Racing.

Width – 1750 mm, height – 1000. Accents of copper hue indicate belonging to the electric car, and the tiny windshield brings closer to motorcycles. The video confirms once again: Misano is a slow mockup on 20-inch wheels, devoid of a power plant.

Misano has only one door on the port side, as the interior is asymmetrically located (battery and trunk are on the right). The role of the tidy is played by a transparent flap for the projection display. The project was curated by Canadian James Hope, who worked at Ford, Daimler, GM and Chery.

Suzuki’s lineup featured a rear-wheel drive Cappuccino roadster (1991-1998) with a hardtop. The Kei-car weighing 725 kg was equipped with a gasoline turbo-engine with a volume of 657 “cubes” (64 hp), a five-speed “mechanics” and a three-band “automatic”. The Japanese are not planning to revive Cappuccino.

One-door perspectives are well defined. The Suzuki Misano will be on display at the National Automobile Museum of Turin (MAUTO) from 15 May to 6 June. Note that earlier, students of the IED Torino Institute built concepts Honda Tomo (2019), Hyundai Kite (2018), IED Shiwa (2016), Alfa Romeo Gloria (2013), Cisitalia 202 E (2012).

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